Ok, Ok…it happens to all of us at some point or another, right?

Oh, come on…

Well, it happened to me. I made my first Italian bruta figura. How did it happen?

Well, let me show you some pictures of the most recent wedding we attended…and we’ll see if YOU can tell.

This is the church located just “above” downtown Catanzaro where the lucky couple tied the knot. Nope. No bruta figura there!
Ahhh…what a sweet couple. See anything bad?? Me, either.
Ohhh, how pretty. The bomboniere table with confetti pouches for everyone. Che bella!

The decorations and table cards are elegante’, not bruta…

Oh, yea….Ouch! There it is….See it? See it? Maybe this will remind you! Or, this!

Oh, there it is again!
Well, yes, I did it. I wore the SAME DRESS to TWO WEDDINGS in the SAME SUMMER! Che vergogna!

My justification – as if I have to justify myself, is that Pep and I were the only guests present at both nuptials, and he has a bad memory…

Do you?

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  1. Antonino Condorelli

    I was thinking that this was an Italian women customs but I see it’s also American. i don’t think it’s so much important for the people get married there you were dressed with the same dress. I think it’s more important for them the present. I never bought 2 different suits for 2 different wedding. I also want to let you note that you still haven’t seen my web log for my news of my life.
    ciao amica.

  2. Giulia

    Cherrye, Cherrye, Cherrye…Italians are famous (with good reason) for recycling wedding attire! Not so sure about within the same season though, but they definitely reuse the clothing. At the prices most dresses go for here, I would put it on and never take it off! lol

    Plus, with the headache you went through with finding your dress, I wouldn’t blame you for not wanting to go out to look for another one.

    As a matter of fact, my husband and I were to attend a wedding together last Saturday. I didn’t go because of the hassle I KNEW I was going to experience trying to find something that fits properly. *eye roll* Cause over here, I am probably considered obese. Good thing it wasn’t a close family member getting married because then I would have had to go. Luckily, it was just an old friend of my husband’s, so I was able to get away with not going!

  3. Cherrye

    Antonino – I felt more stressed cause I was in Italy, and I know how “judged” one can be! And, ha ha ha that is SO FUNNY that they care more about the present! Hilarious, true, I know, but funny the same!

    G – Ha! Thanks. And, you are right – after that DRAMA, I had to make it worth the heartache! And, you are lucky you got out of the wedding.

    Ahhh, grazie J!

    Thanks, Delina!

    Thanks, Shan. That was my idea!

    Thank you, Maryann. Did you read the post about finding it??

  4. pat

    vergogna…o’ ca…you fill in the blanks. These people need to grow up. They forget how they lived after the war, when they couldn’t even afford to put shoes on their children’s feet. Whenever you find yourself in a similar brutta figura situation, please, please e-mail me, I will send you a response in grammatically perfect Italian that will shut them all up. Don’t hold back with these people, someone needs to put them in their place when necessary and remind where they came from. Something I never have a problem (actually really enjoy) doing when I’m over there.

  5. Cherrye

    Ha ha. Thanks for the advice, Pat. I might take you up on that. However, I usually end up feeling bad for them for being so close-minded.

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