Party all the time
Party all the time

Party all the tiiiiiiimme.
Now sing that again and make it really off-key.
You sound just like me!
Well, folks, it is that time of year again. The sun is peeking through the clouds, birds are chirping, and – or, is it just me? – the days are getting a little bit longer! You know what that means? It’s time for a blog party! And, not just any blog party. An Ultimate Blog Party!
The blog masterminds at 5 Minutes for Mom are at it again, and this year’s UBP (Ultimate Blog Party) is set to be a hit.
Oh, excuse me…I’m soooo rude…
(insert embarrassing looks here)
I haven’t introduced myself.
Ciao, I’m Cherrye. I moved to the neck-of-the-woods in the sole-of-the-boot “Italy” almost two years ago. And, I love it.
But, it hasn’t always been easy. I’ve been here and there and back again too many times to count and learning the language is no kid’s play. I’ve dealt with Italian bureaucracy, Italian people, Italian clothes, Italian food…and so much more.
I’m a new wife, an aunt, and a great granddaughter. I’m a freelance writer, an English teacher, a Bed and Breakfast owner. I’m an expat.
And, we talk about it all here at My Bella Vita.
To come to my party, you don’t need to do your nails or buy new shoes – although if you’re like me and need an excuse – I won’t tell! Shhhh….

But, to win a cool prize…

What?!? There are prizes?
Yep! And, to win a cool prize you either need to register your blog at 5 Minutes for Mom, or comment on at least 20 blogs.
You might even win my prize!

MBV and Il Cedro B&B are giving away a FREE two-night stay for two people at Catanzaro’s favorite B&B. (Or, at least…our favorite!) Heck, it’s even transferable. We know not EVERYONE can make it to Calabria, so…we’re cool like that! Also, if you comment on at least five of my posts (new or archived) during the party, we’ll have another drawing-just for you guys!

Oops, I gotta run…we’re outta wine.
Enjoy the party!
I’ll be back!
PS-My top prize choices are
INTL 2 — Nonfiction Proposal Tutorial
# 24 — Blog Design
 # 67 — Blog Makeover

Other fun prizes are numbers 36, 54, 58, 79, 21, 53, 20. All beauty “stuff,” jewelry gifts, and paper goodies are pretty cool, too! I have both a US and Italian mailing address, so… 🙂

90 Responses
  1. Well, it’s very nice to meet you – I have always dreamed of going to Italy – I really appreciate not have to do my nails and all the lovely prizes, this year. Thanks for having us and enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    Eddie Murphy is going to be happy someone remembers that classic song. 🙂

    Have a fun party!

  3. Erin

    Yay, Cherrye, great party! Mine’s a little slow what with the main site being down. But I’m having fun nonetheless. Have a great day ; )

  4. Krystal

    Hey there- I so enjoy your blog!!! I have barely started on mine…. I keep trying to find the time, so far all I have listed is the 3 recipes I am asked for all the time!!! I’ll keep you posted on when I can actually update more of my info. And I just know you’ll get a kick out of the name… mangia cake….

    Krystal Marra

  5. Susan (5 Minutes For Mom)

    Hey Cherrye, maybe one day I’ll come down to the boot and visit you. I go to see my inlaws in Treviso every two years. I’ve never been south of Rome, so maybe one day — when the kids are older — we’ll come to your B&B.

    I’ve gotta make some time to read more of your blog… I’d love to see photos and read about life in Southern Italy. I hear it’s very different from the North.

    Until then… party on girlfriend!

  6. Susanna

    You know what? I got so couaght up commenting on other posts that I almost forgot to comment here! Lovely P-a-R-T-Y (because I gotta!). I would love to visit Italy…..its on my list of places to go so fingers (and toes) crossed! I have a party too- please come and join me:)

  7. Geggie

    Uh, yes, that prize is MINE!!!!
    I’ll trade you for it…anything you want. Well, within reason.

    I can’t wait to travel Italy again. I was just in Rome for 5 days last Spring and really want to travel some more.

  8. Geggie

    Yes, please. I’ll take that prize!

    I traveled to Rome for the first time last spring and loved it. I really want to travel more of the country though! Maybe I’ll get to meet you sooner than you think!

  9. BrineS

    Ooooooh! Love this prize! Great party! 🙂

    I’m an expat living in Australia…and a new wife. My Aussie husband and I just celebrated our first anniversary this week! I’d love to make a trip to your part of Italy…not sure that two nights would be long enough! 🙂

    Come party with me, too!


    and here:

    and read about my life in Australia here:

  10. the160acrewoods

    what a lovely blog, and I can’t believe the prize you’re giving away! too bad I didn’t live in that area!!!!

  11. Nadine

    You are such a generous hostess. I’ve been loving coming here for a long time. Hey did we meet at last year’s party?

    Cherrye I just looked at your previous post and oh boy…you are a drop dead gorgeous bride.

  12. Cherrye

    Thanks, Liz. I’m gonna go to your party, too.

    NYC – Isn’t that a fun song?? Now it is sooo stuck in my head!

    Erin – yea, I missed a lot yest, with the site issues. Glad it up working again! I met you and Nadine both at last years party!

    Stephanie – the song IS addictive.

    Krystal – I love your blog’s name! I tried to leave you a comment, but it wouldn’t let me… 🙁

    Susan – Southern Italy is a whole new world…but, a nice one. You *must* see it sometime.

    Susanna – thanks for coming. I’m on my way over now!

    Geggie – I LOL at your comments! Priceless…

    Congrats, Brines. A chocolate blog? I’m ALL over it!

    The160AcreWoods – you can still visit – or read about it, at least!!!

    Yes, Nadine, we DID meet at last year’s party! I love your blog, too. It always makes me feel “lighter.” And, THANKS for the compliments on the wedding pics. It was a good day!

  13. eastcoastlife

    Hi Cherrye,
    Nice to meet you! Greetings from sunny Singapore. Just drop in to say Hello!

    A2-night stay in an Italian B&B! Wow! I want to go to Italy!!

  14. The Friendly PA

    Gidday from Australia,
    Cherrye – I seem to be visiting blogs with owners names starting with ‘C’.

    Have a great time at the party

    aka *Jane*