Catanzaro has made it. We have arrived. No longer do I have to beg, steal, or borrow for…

Ok, let me back up.

A few weeks ago I was strolling through downtown Catanzaro and happened to find myself in a quaint little bookstore. (I “find” myself there quite often as I am a bookstore junkie…regardless of the genre, languages, or coffee and tea selection.)

I wandered up the narrow, winding stairs to my favorite sections…travel, cooking, languages.

As I’m perusing through the comic book section (yes…this is the only thing interesting to me in Italian) I take a step back and lightly bump into a cardboard display.

I turn to the left and gasp!

“Get Away?” I understand that!

Lingua Straniera??

Dio Mio!

I hold my breath and take a step back.

I pause just a moment, either paralyzed by the overwhelming shock of the situation, or to soak in the glory of the moment…I’m not sure which. Once I break myself from the spell, I dive in.

Frank McCourt…

Dan Brown…

Sophie Kinsella?!?!

A tear comes to my eye.

Then, I turn a book over.

10 euro…12 euro…15 euro…

I quickly do the conversion in my head.


I put the books back.

I leave the bookstore still floating and smiling in my new-found, yet un-purchased, treasures. Whenever I want, or need, a new book, I know where to go. However, at those prices, I might just have to borrow, or beg, or ….

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  1. Hmm, I’m guessing they don’t have handy Borders-type tables, chairs, and sofas around for “light” browsing…seems we may have to educate them on what a lingua straniera section should *really* look like 😉

  2. j

    So what is your favorite Catanzaro bookstore, Cherrye. I like your new digs here, but I’m not sure yet if it likes me. If you can read this, it does!

  3. I got just as excited years back when my local Blockbuster started stocking English language cassettes. The selection wasn’t that great but it still made me feel better knowing that I could watch Ishtar in original language.

  4. Hey, J. You made it!! Once again, we can thank Michelle!

    I don’t even know the name of the store, but it is in a little corner, near the GREEN MAN in downtown CZ. It is a realllly small store!

    Wow, Linda, Blockbuster. I think there is one in Cosenza (about 40 min from here!)

  5. That is so exciting!!! Books are a must around here and I will pay exorbitant amounts of money if the mood strikes and I HAVE to have a certain book. I can justify…how I’m not sure, but I can.

  6. LuLu

    I stumbled onto your journal a while back and have really enjoyed reading your entries. I had to laugh at this particular entry because I had almost the same reaction while I was skimming the book shelves of my local big chain bookstore in Canada and found novels in Italian! Once I’m brave enough…I’ll just have to pick one up and attempt to read it through (after I’ve read the English version first haha)!

  7. Hey, I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I hurt my back, but I’m doing better now. I like the new digs. I hope that the book prices come down or you find a very generous friend.

  8. I agree, Erin! Luckily some European Expats started a book swap last year. All I have to pay is shipping!

    Thanks, Lulu. We’re glad to have you! I know someone who recently read The Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) in Italian and said it was doable! Good luck!

    Oh, Nadine. I am so sorry to hear that! I am glad you are better! Rest, rest, rest!!

  9. LOL…that is funny/strange?

    I know this is going to sound strange but do they sell photoromances (Darling, Kiss)? I loved those when I was a teen, the glossy photos and story lines. It helped me with my Italian. They don’t sell them here in Toronto anymore…I even checked in little Italy.

  10. Lucy, I haven’t heard of photoromances, but…I am up for it! 🙂 Thanks for the tip.

    Thanks, Paola. I just recently thought of the thing. The bookswap is great, too, and I load up when I am in Texas!

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