There’s a new chef in town!

Yep. That’s me! Those of you who have been around awhile know I’m not an overly confident cook (see #91).

However, I sense a change in the air.

I don’t know how, given my seemingly busy schedule, but I have much more time to cook in Italy. And, little by little, it’s paying off.

Continuing my share the love theme from last week, I made our B&B’full of hungry working Napoletani muffins for Valentine’s Day.

Oh, but silly me, I never CAN just follow a recipe. (Which my mother claims to be the source of my epicurean difficulties. Ahhh, but I digress…) So, I, uhm, borrowed a Blood Orange Buttercream Glaze from my friend to drizzle on top (and I added nuts)!

My muffin recipe made so much batter, I had enough left over for a whole cake!

Seriously, I don’t think Betty and Sara have anything to worry about just yet. But, competition might be on the horizon.
I’m just saying…

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  1. Cherrye

    Delina – they were good. I am only bragging b/c I have never made anything that is so good. And, P couldn’t even try it!

  2. Backpacker momma

    Looks delish! My husbands aunt (they’re Italian) makes a cake just like that but somewhere in there it has apples…mmmmmm…

  3. Kourosh Ziabari

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  4. Cherrye

    Backpacker Momma – yum…apples? I gotta try that!

    Michelle…I had to treat our guests, right?!?

    MB – Thank you! Sometimes I do have disasters, but…

    Kourosh – thanks for the info. I will check it out. One of my best friends is from Iran.

    Arlene – When you come visit us in Calabria, we will make you some!

    Ha ha. Thanks, Nadine! I am trying.

    M.Kate – they were good, but HUGE! It took me all day to eat one. Of course, I was savouring it!

    Poppy – Thank you. They tasted good, too. I hope I can do it again!

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