Meme Monday…Count me In!

Sognatice was dead on when she tagged me stating, “(I) love a good meme as much as anyone.” She knows me well…So, as not to disappoint, I will rise to this challenge and complete this easy “Four Things” Meme.

Here we go.

Four jobs I’ve had
1. VIP Tour Guide
2. Wedding Event Planner
3. New Student Orientation coordinator/director/planner/runner/peon
4. EPCOT greeter

Four movies I can watch over and over
1. 13 Going on 30
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. Hitch
4. La Vita e’ Bella

Four places I have lived
1. Kountze, Texas, USA
2. Orlando, Florida USA
3. Magne le Hongre, France (Paris)
4. Catanzaro, Italy (Calabria)

Four television shows I love to watch
1. Ally McBeal
2. Law and Order
3. Friends (forever and always)
4. Will and Grace (almost as much as Friends)

Four places I have been on vacation
1. Corfu, Greece
2. Loch Ness, Scotland
3. London, England
4. Interlaken, Switzerland

Four of my favorite dishes
1. Mussells with fettuccine
2. Peppe’s homemade pizza
3. My grandmother’s southern cookin‘ (peas, cornbread, roast, rice, fried okra…OK, I have to stop now)
4. Cajun jambalaya

Four websites I visit daily
1. Body by Glamour – to track my workouts
2. Red Couch Communications – to make sure it is still there 🙂
3. Yahoo – to check my email and read the headlines
4. Google – my search engine of choice; lately I’ve been looking for honeymoon destinations

Four places I would rather be right now
1. Taking Baby Cole to Chuckie Cheese
2. Snuggled with Peppe
3. At my parents house in Wildwood (that was magically transported to Catanzaro)
4. Sitting on the beach (with the weather hot enough to take a swim if I wanted (which I wouldn’t, but I’d want the weather to be that hot!)

Four bloggers I am tagging
1. Tracy B, cause maybe she’ll do the whole thing in Texan-talk and give us a good laugh
2. NYC/Caribbean Ragazza, cause I know she’ll have some interesting stuff to share
3. Louise, and I’m hoping Erin didn’t beat me
4. Nadine, even though I know she’s at a writer’s conference, I’m hoping she can squeeze this in when she gets back!!

If you guys decide to do the meme, please leave me a comment so I can check up on it!!

8 Responses
  1. Giulia

    Wohooo, Friends and Will & Grace forever, for me too!
    Man, I started that 3 things meme as soon as you tagged me but never got around to finishing it and it has been sitting in draft mode ever since.*blushes* I’m not tag worthy!

  2. Cherrye

    Guila! You are certainly “tag worthy”…ha ha! I just try to spread the love, or misery…whatever you want to call it!

    Finish that Three Things meme and let me know, girl!

  3. sognatrice

    Will & Grace is definitely high up on my list too; I’m having great fun catching up on all the episodes I lost being here (thank you Sky!).

    And Giulia, you were almost tagged again today by me, but like Cherrye said, spread the love. Next time, though, you’re so it 😉

  4. Erin

    mmm, homemade pizza, it’s only 10 a.m. and I’m getting hungry again… great to get to know you better through your meme, and I didn’t beat you to tagging Louise, I read yours before I decided who to tag! Have a happy day!

  5. Nadine

    I will do it this week. I wanted to update everyone about the weekend. I’ve been tagged 3 times since Thursday, but I haven’t forgotten about you.

  6. Tracie B.

    hey cherrye…i’ll do mine when i get back to it’lee, promise! i’ll have a whoppin’ 9 hours+6hoursof layover+another 3 hours of flight to write it 🙂

  7. cheeky

    Shawshank is a fave of mine as well. Aaww. . . Greece. I am looking forward to going there again.

    Hey! I wanted to email but I didn’t see it on your blog? You have me linked in your sidebar but it doesn’t link to me. Also, my blog title has changed but you’ll have to stop in and find out. tee hee

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