Love Thursday: Good Morning

I love pretty flowers, but Peppe just isn’t a big “flower giver.” In fact, in all of our long-distance dating, he only sent them to me once.

So, imagine my surprise when he laid this on the bed while I was sleeping this morning…

What a great way to start Love Thursday!
Have a great one everyone!

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  1. J.Doe

    That’s so sweet! Although I am kind of like your husband, I’m not a big flower giver or receiver. I prefer food.

  2. Cherrye

    Oh yes, you guys. It was a nice surprise! I actually said, “what happened?” when I got them…NOT the best way to assure I get them again, huh?? (embarassed me)

  3. Cassie

    Oh, how wonderful. I’ve only gotten flowers a few times in relationships, and it’s always such a sweet surprise.

  4. Louise

    I can hear it now….sighs from women all over the world and all join in unison saying ‘ahhhh’….
    What a GREAT love thursday!!

  5. PastorMac's Ann

    Yup, I was one of those women in the collective sigh that Louise was talking about. πŸ˜‰

    So sweet and all the more because it isn’t something he does for you everyday. He sure picked a beautiful rose too.

    Happy LT.

  6. Giulia

    What a sweet gesture! My husband and I aren’t the gift giving type couple, but when he gives me flowers unexpectedly, it means so much more than if I were to expect them and he didn’t give them to me at all.

  7. Confessions of Cleopantha

    How sweet and thoughtful. Definately a great way to start love thursday or any day actually.

  8. Erin

    What a beautiful surprise. I love getting flowers. By the way, I love your new header! Happy love Thursday (It’s actually Saturday now, since I’m only commenting 2 days late, sorry!)

  9. sognatrice

    Hah! Your reaction (in the comments) is pretty much mine when P does something unexpectedly too…either “Che successo?” or “Cosa hai fatto?”

    What a sweetie you have there πŸ™‚

  10. Cherrye

    I wonder, too, Delina. Does anyone else out there know if this is an “Italian-Men” thing?!?

    Sognatice – ha! Poor “P” and “P”. They try to do something nice, I tell you, they just can’t make us happy!!

    Erin – Thanks for the compliments on the header…the verdict is still out on whether it will stay.

    Confessions, Cheeky, Poppy, – You are right! A great surprise and a great way to start a day. It was sweet. It made my day!

    Guila and Bongga Mom – Nope. No special occasion. “Just because” he said…

    Collective sigh Louise and Pastermac – everyone join in…ahhhhh!

    Cassie – I had a boyfriend in HS who gave flowers ALL OF THE TIME. I didn’t realize how spoiled I was. He even sent them to my little sister and my mom sometimes. After that…it was all “downhill”! But, Peppe is making a comeback! πŸ™‚

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