Love Thursday: A Bit of Blog Reader Love

The names are in and the random generator has selected a winner in our recent Southern Italian Nickname Contest!

We had entries from Paparella, Pupidda and Scoiattolo. Christmas and Pumpkin threw their hats in the ring and Mastru Peppino Mangiatu dei Jatti made us all laugh.

But the champion, winner and Queen for a Day is none other than Sicilian-born and blissfully blogless Lina aka Carole D.

Join me in wishing a Calabrese-style AUGURI to Carole.

Happy Love Thursday everyone!

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  1. Lina aka Carole D.

    Grazie mille Cherrye,
    I accept the title for the day and will be celebrating in the good all USA, my adopted country for 40 yrs.
    Keep on blogging and saluti a tutti.
    Woo hoo!! Congrats again!

  2. Called in, to have a read, now I want to go to the cinema!!!! Just looked at the advertisement for THE WOMEN…watched the trailer…Just my sort of film 🙂
    Oooh, haven’t heard of that one. Will look it up, Anne!

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