Is it just me or do warm weather, light breezy winds and springtime flowers bring out the best in people? Earlier this week I went to teach my weekly private English lessons. I was almost at the door when I was handed these.

“Someone gave them to me yesterday,” the mom told me. “And I want to share them with you.”

I left with half of a bouquet in spite of my protests.

There is something about receiving flowers that lifts my spirits. Before her gift I had felt tired and somewhat overworked. However, I happily floated out to my car and smiled proudly at the young girl who looked quizzically at my overflowing arms filled with flowers and leaves. I showed them off when I arrived home, and carefully arranged them into an antique vase. And aren’t they lovely?

They made my day.

Happy LT, everyone!

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  1. Sally

    Isn’t it amazing how flowers can make you feel? I’ve decided that flowers are no longer a luxury but one of life’s necessities. How nice of your student’s mom to share!

  2. Gorgeous flowers! How can they not make you smile?! I agree. Flowers are a lovely gift for any occasion, especially unexpectedly. :o)

  3. What pretty flowers. Nothing makes my day more than when I get flowers especially out of the blue for no occasion at all. It’s nice to be appreciated.

  4. lovely!! I love receiving flowers…and when it’s for no reason at all it makes you feel SO good!! 🙂 Happy LT!!!

  5. I love flowers. Whether they’re picked, purchased, given, received, or viewed from a distance they always bring a smile to my face.

    Cherrye, what a beautiful gift. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Diana Romano

    You sound [and act] like a wonderful kind person, Cherrye. You deserved those flowers…….even half of them!! Enjoy.

  7. I agree, Sally and Michelle. They are soooo nice!

    NYC, they make you feel so special, don’t they?

    Right on, Britni!

    Rhea – I think unexpected flowers are the best.

    Nadine, it IS nice to be appreciated.

    Lulu – When are you coming to Calabria?? We have nice flowers here.

    LOL. No, he wasn’t Linda. I guess he is a confident guy!

    Are you a flower-buyer, J??

    Bongamom – it was nice of their mom to share. She is such a nice, generous person, too!

    That she is, Jan.

    Thank you, Angie.

    I agree, Linda. There are no “wrong” flowers.

    Ahhh, shucks. I am blushing, Diana. You are so nice. THanks!

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