Yep, folks. Love Thursdays has returned (and don’t think the irony of it’s timely comeback is lost on me!)
I’ve heard a great deal lately from people who don’t agree with the sentiments of the Valentine’s Day message. And, I don’t blame them. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic, but for years, even when I had a love interest, I was sans man on Valentine’s Day. Not the “Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me” type, but more the “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” type. For years, my roommates and I in Orlando celebrated together. I even once postponed a date, to hang with the girls. Shhhhh…..
It is ok. I think he was gay.
Other years, I didn’t have a crush, or a true love, or a sweetcheeks. (Don’t you just love those candy heart sayings…ok, ok, I made up the last one…) And, yes, Valentine’s Day pioneers tried hard to get me down. Sometimes, they succeed. Sometimes, I shopped, literally, until I dropped. But, the day did direct focus to my (lack-of-a) lovelife, and, in some of my “older” years, (and, I can admit this only now) it was depressing.
But, looking back, with all of my 30something-year-old wisdom, I can see it was silly. Valentine’s Day is a day to honor those you love. Not simply your husband, your wife, or your partner. But, a day to celebrate relationships. All of them. A day to be thankful for the love in your life. The love you share with your friends, your parents, your nieces and nephews…your blog buddies…your English teacher.
To help us all remember to show our feelings, as openly and honestly as a child, here is the Valentine’s Day card I received from my favorite little English student. Ohhh, you’ve heard of her. Here. And, here.
A little hard to read? Here are some close-up shots of my favorite areas!

(I love you! Flavia!)

(Pictorial representation of “cherry” and, no…I did not correct her “bey bey“)

(T.V.B., abbreviation for ti voglio bene; one could also say T.V.T.B., or ti voglio tanto bene, or rather, I love you very, very much!)

Happy San Valentino Everyone, and Happy Love Thursday!

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  1. bleeding espresso

    How cute! I love T.V.B. 🙂

    And good on you for pointing out that today is a day of LOVE, period. A significant (or even insignificant!) other is so not required.

    Buon San Valentino and Happy LT!

  2. Giulia

    I always thought it was pathetic (in high school)how it was such a big deal to have a significant other for Valentines Day. You’re right Cherrye, today is a day to celbrate realtionships of all kinds! Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day! <3 <3 <3

    It’s still morning, but do you want to know the highlight of my day? Earlier this morning, as I was getting Sofia ready for school, I wished her a Happy Valentines Day and gave her a kiss on her cheek. As I went to wash her face, she gasped and said that I couldn’t wash it because then it would wash away her Valentines kiss. I told her that I would give her more after I washed her face. And that’s what I did. She was so content with that. That put a huge smile on my face! 🙂

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