Italy Bloggers Unite for Nastro Rosa

Today, I’m joining Nastro Rosa, Italy’s pink ribbon campaign, as well as a host of other Italy-based bloggers in painting the blogosphere pink in a united showing of support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Since the idea is to be pink , I won’t clutter this post with information, text, facts, data or prevention tips but rather, I’d like to share a photo of one of my favorite women in the world, taken this past summer on her 75th birthday.

My hope is that women across the globe will be able to share long, healthy lives and live to an age where their birthday candle is but a question mark.

I pray they can celebrate milestone birthdays with their doting husbands while being surrounded by their children, their children’s children and yes … those children’s children while indulging in one of the world’s sweetest and most delectable desserts … Italian cream.

You check out Mamma Felice for a full list of Italy bloggers who are participating in the pink post … and when you get a chance, go over to Bleeding Espresso and wish my friend Michelle, a grand auguri for her birthday today.

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  1. Hello Cherrye .. how great that we have all got together to THINK PINK.. 🙂

    I have been over to Michelles blog too. Where is photo of your favourite woman ? I see a photo of a cake !!

    She’s holding the cake! 🙂

  2. ha ha ha … I did the Think Pink post too.. also tinted my blog 🙂

    Ha, we must have cross-commented! I just commented on your pretty pink blog. 😉

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