Italy Beyond the Obvious: Custom Travel Itineraries for Italy

Do you know which Italian attraction is featured in this picture?

Stromboli, Italy: Beyond the Obvious

How about this one?

Agrigento, Italy: Beyond the Obvious

If you knew they were Stromboli and the Temple of the Concord in Agrigento then you could be well on your way to a FREE one-day customized itinerary, courtesy of Italy: Beyond the Obvious.

“The famous tourist attractions are worth seeing,” says Italy: Beyond the Obvious owner Madeline Jhawar, “but there is so much more in this spectacular country.” And that is where she comes in.

Living in Calabria, I have a special affection for off-the-beaten-path destinations and I encourage my family members, friends and virtual acquaintances to see the Big Three-then venture out. But sometimes that is easier said than done.

Italy has more coasts, cliffs, ruins, churches, artwork, shopping, pasta, pizza and wine per square kilometer than anywhere else in the world, so no matter how long you have for your Italian vacation … it is never long enough. Research is often daunting. Options are overwhelming. So narrowing down your personal list of must-sees is tough. Madeline’s website offers tips, advice and even a sample itinerary for Italy-bound travelers-or she can do it for you.

Her clients are  independent travelers who value the effort it takes to plan a trip that matches their personal interests and travel pace and who want to make the most of their Italian vacation without investing the research hours.

Italy: Beyond the Obvious’ newest addition is the Italy Photo Contest. Each Monday, a new photo is posted on their Facebook page and fans can play along, guess the picture, offer interesting insight into the photo and win points toward a free one-day customized itinerary.

There is never enough time to see everything when you visit the bel paese, so what is your top “beyond the obvious” recommendation for a first-time traveler? Where is next on your list?

Photos courtesy of Italy: Beyond the Obvious

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  1. Yes and Yes!! I saw one of the FB photos was from Naples recently! Ahh, she’s after my heart- hee hee. Thanks for featuring it here. Ciao, K
    Prego, K. It is a fun contest, isn’t it?
    Karen’s last blog post.."VA"

  2. j

    I think you could design a trip around visiting the Italian hot springs. I went to 4 of them when I was there and they were all very different and very interesting (places where Etruscans went, places where popes went, etc.) and I think laying in a hot spring is one of life’s great pleasures.
    What a great article/post idea. Thanks, J. 🙂

  3. Thanks Cherrye, I couldn’t have said it better myself! :o)

    J, great idea on the hot springs. My favorite hot springs spot has got to be Ischia, though there are some nice ones north of Torino. I’d love to do a post on it if you want to contact me with your favorites.
    You guys are making me itch to go a hot spring!!
    MadelineJ’s last blog post..15 Local Hotspots in Milan Right Now

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