Forget About the Banks – Italy is Bailing Out Cheese

In today’s economic crisis the financial, auto, retail – even the porn industries – in the US have all sought government help.

Unfortunately, the epidemic has spread.

In an article released late last week on, Sabina Castelfranco reported on the cheesiest industry yet to request a bailout.

No, seriously.

It’s the cheese.

In recent months sales of parmiggiano reggiano cheese have been down, causing producers to worry about the future of one of Italy’s most famous cheeses.

To combat the problem, the Italian government has pledged €50 million to purchase 100,000 wheels of parmiggiano reggiano and another 100,000 wheels of its less-expensive counterpart, grana pandano and plans to donate the cheese wheels to charity.

To pay for the cheese wheels, the Italian government is dipping into a special EU fund created to help feed poor people.

But the mozzarella makers are pissed!

Wanna know more?

Read about the cheese-making process and impending bailout, or get one reporter’s take on the issue here.

What do you think? Do you think the government’s proposal to buy 200,000 wheels of cheese is a wise option or do you think they should share the love with other producers in the food industry?

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  1. I guess cheese is more important than porn here? ha

    Why no love for the mozzerella makers…are their sales not down as well?

    All jokes aside this economic situation is a mess and a lot of people are hurting. I’m annoyed that it started in the States. How did we go from having a surplus eight years ago to one of the worst economic crisis since the great depression? And the economists say it’s going to get worse before it gets better.
    No, the sales are down for mozzarella and apparently the sales were down on Parma region cheeses even before this economic crisis began. The mozzarella makers say it is another slap in face for the south …
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  2. I read about this a few weeks ago when they were talking about our bailout. We laughed so hard. Thank goodness too- I love that cheese!!
    It does sound funny, doesn’t it? I think it is a good way to approach it, though – feeding poor people and saving an industry vital to Italy’s culture and traditions.
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