It’s true.

I lose stuff all.of.the.time!

In my defense, it is not usually my fault things disappear. Seriously. Can I help it if someone digs through my jacket takes my cell phone and MP3 player?

Is it my fault if a white gold and diamond bracelet (the first present Peppe ever gave me) fell off my arm?

Am I to blame if I forget my college class ring and a brand new emerald solitaire in the bathroom at the lake and someone took them? Ok. Maybe I am to blame for that one!

The irony is, I am actually a very organized gal. I “got it together,” guys. I just lose jewelry.

My latest victim?

The white gold Calvin Klein watch Peppe bought me for my birthday the first year we were together. He gave it to me in The City of Lights, the city where we met, the city we love.

I have NO idea where this watch went, as it obviously sprouted legs and walked away, because I just can’t find it!

Last week, Peppe came home from errand-running and told me there was something wrong in our bedroom. Suspiciously, I walked upstairs and found this.

I had an idea as to what was in the box, but I hurriedly opened it anyway.

Che bello!

Yep. The man’s a keeper!

And, with any luck. So, is this new watch …

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  1. I used to be the biggest “loser” up until the age of 20. I was famous for losing mittens but one year I actually lost a pair of winter boots on the bus.
    Hey, does Peppe have a brother? Whenever my husband goes off on business trips he always gives me gifts… of food. Well, at least I’ll never go hungry with him!

  2. That watch is GORGEOUS…and so is Peppe!

    I feel your pain girlfriend as I too have a problem with keeping cellphones, jewlery and watches.

  3. vanessa

    Hey loser (i feel so mean writing that!), sorry I don’t have your watch but you also left some little samples of perfume behind here in Messina. Or was that not such a subtle hint??

  4. I think I’ll keep him, figcharlie! He is pretty good!

    Michelle, I know … I waited and waited!

    Linda, I am 32, I am not sure I will grow out of it! And, food is always good in my book!

    I agree, Arlene. I actually said, “Whats the occasion?” He said, “Do I need a reason to buy my wife a gift?” ahhh

    Erin – I am hoping to keep them BOTH for a long time!!

    LOL, Leanne! That is my expression to justify everthing I lose!!

    Thanks, G!

    Isn’t it bling, MM? He told them I would like that!

    Oh no, Jan!! Those are my problem areas, too! We need to start a club! And, thanks for the compliments!

    Why, thank you, Louise!

  5. I sometimes (seem) to lose things as well. Lucky for me, even months (in some cases, years) after they seem to be lost, they tend to show up again.

    And let me just say, that watch is beautiful!

  6. You have definitely lost some big item stuff. Ouch!

    Awesome, gorgeous watch! What a sweet man you have! Mine would have been busy yelling at me for losing such expensive items. lol

  7. Yea, J! Your comment made it through. And, uh no. I can’t afford the WATCHES he likes! lol

    Thanks, Erin. I think he did a good job, too.

    PP – I am hoping my other one shows up, so I can have TWO cute watches!

    Thanks, LA Gal. I hope I am as lucky as you and the old watch shows up.

    I do lose nice things, Rhea. I am lucky he never gets mad … at least not yet!

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