There are only 12 hours left to cast YOUR vote for the New Seven Wonders of the World!

The field has been narrowed to 20 contenders, including

– The Eiffel Tower
– The Great Wall of China
– The Roman Colosseum
– Peru’s Machu Picchu
– The Taj Mahal
– The ancient city of Petra
– The Statue of Liberty
– The Sydney Opera House
– The Acropolis in Greece
– Chichen Itza in Mexico
– Easter Island Statues in Chile
– Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil
– Angkor Wat in Cambodia
– The Kremlin in Russia
– Timbutku, Mali
– Stonehenge in the UK
– Hagia Sophia in Turkey
– Neuschwantstein Castle in Germany
– Kiyomizu Temple in Japan
– Alhambra in Spain

Be a part of history – vote now at The New Seven Wonders website! The winners will be announced tomorrow night – 07/07/07 in Lisbon, Portugal!


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