Thanks for coming.

Did you have any problems finding the place?

Well, sadly my house is still under construction, but My Bella Vita has moved. (Yes…she has a life of her own!) And, boy was it an experience. When you start with an impatient personality and toss in a bit of html code, disaster will surely strike!

But, I was lucky. My Calabrian comrade, and somewhat recent blog-mover, Michelle of Bleeding Espresso, held my hand and walked me through the process…almost painlessly. Grazie mille, Michelle!

And, now for the Blog Warming Party!

To celebrate, we are inviting all of you to update your links and feeds.

Ain’t that nice?

But, you are also invited to browse around a bit. Check out the links at the top of the page, and along the sidebars. As with all new homes, MBV and I are still getting settled. There will undoubtedly be a kink here and there, and I hope you’ll tell me if you see one. There’s even a new Contact Page, so you can reach me directly from the blog!

Each week I’ll post new travel deals, and I am currently working on articles, tips, and tidbits to share with you on that page, as well as Calabrian-specific information, available here.

We even have new Il Cedro merchandise, available at Il Cedro Shop.

In an attempt to bribe you To thank you for coming over, updating your links and feeds, and for being so darn nice, I’m gonna host a giveaway!

A giveaway!

Leave a comment, either telling me you updated your links or feeds, or saying how comfortable you feel at our new place, and you’ll be entered. You can also enter by using the contact form, or by telling me about a kink you find along the way. Heck. Do all four and you’ll be entered four times!

And, you can choose the prize. One lucky winner will have his or her choice of

– Any single item from Il Cedro Shop

– A single room (one night) at Il Cedro Bed and Breakfast

– A “Grazie Mille” package, complete with Calabrian and Italian goodies, mailed directly to your door

The contest will be open through Sunday, April 20, and the winner will be announced the following day.

So, once again. Welcome to the new, and improved, My Bella Vita. I hope you’ll stay awhile!

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  1. congrats cherrye! everything looks great =) (though I can’t see it well with safari) I will update you now. Look at you “all growed up” with your dotcom-ing! hehe

  2. alexmom

    Hi Cherrye, I’ve enjoyed your blog since the beginning, but just never commented. I too have updated your link. You’re soooooo fortunate to have Michelle as a *consulant*.She’s a real gem.

  3. *Copying and pasting my comment from your other blog*

    Hey Cherrye! I am trying to comment on the new site but it wont let me. 🙁 Just wanted to let you know that it looks great! Would you beleive that as soon as I saw it, I had a feeling Michelle had a hand in the making of it. 😉 Hope you work out all the kinks soon. I will be updating my feeder and link roll right now.

  4. Thanks, PP! You’re entered into the contest!

    Baby steps, Stacy…baby steps!

    I know, Alexmom. Michelle saved me (even more) tears! Thanks for reading and commenting!!

    Giulia – Glad you came back! I was having issues this morning with the comments.

    Thanks, AO! I met my self-imposed deadline!! woo hoo

  5. Annie

    Hi – I found your site by way of a link in Italian Notebook and am having fun perusing your blog as well as the website for your lovely B&B. Buona fortuna!

  6. Way to go! It looks great, yay for owning your own blog!

    I have updated my feed and also — I was meaning to say that I updated the link on my blog but I’m embarassed to say that I discovered that there was no link to your blog on mine. I am so sorry, honest to God I thought I had added you a long time ago! Anyway, it’s definitely there now, with the new address!

  7. Congratulations on the move. I think you’re my third bloggie friend to move in the past weekend. Thankfully it’s easy to adjust those feeds. And let me just say that I love what you’ve done with the place 😉


  8. Rich

    The new site looks great. As per my usual I’ve been lurking around checking out news of Calabria without comment, but this was too much of an occasion for me not to comment. Great new site! Hopefully later this summer we’ll be picking up some Il Cedro merchandise in person.

  9. Oh, Cherrye! At least some good news today. The site looks wonderful. Good job! I’ll have to pick your brain for tips. I also updated the link on my blogroll and am about to update my reader. Tu sì che sei pronta a splendere!!!

  10. Hi, Annie. THanks for stopping by, and welcome!

    That is ok, Annika!! I’m not offended! grrr….

    Thanks, Running!

    LAgal, You have a lot of updates to do, eh???

    Thanks, Erin!

    Judith, I know what you mean. Sometimes you just wanna a change!!

    Grazie, Jennifer!

    Ahhhh, the blog stalker has come out of hiding! I Was gonna say “out of the closet” but retyped that! I was just thinking about you guys the other day. It’s been almost a year!

    Linda, you can pick…if there is anything left!

    Thanks, Alisa!

  11. I updated you! and like the new digs… very nice Cherrye. By the way, I’m right behind you on this one if I ever get around to calling the moving truck. Damn you HTML!! DAMN YOU!

  12. Hey Cherrye! Glad you’re getting settled on your new domain! I’m reading in Safari (Mac) and everything is centered and stacked…not sure if that will help you with the “kink” part.

    Also I updated my feed reader!

  13. LuLu

    The new place looks great…you’ve done an excellent job! I updated my Goggle Reader Feed so I don’t miss a thing! 🙂

    P.S – is there good shopping in Catanzaro? I’ve only ever been to Cosenza to shop.

  14. Oh, I hear you Joe. Did you see my post today (Fri, April 18??) grrr….

    Thanks, Arlene. How are you liking ROME??

    Erin – Thanks for letting me know. I will have to see if someone can help me fix that issue. I know it is going to be impossible for you to read!

    Lulu, Thanks for the update! Cosenza has more options than Catanzaro! They even have a Sephora, which I am very excited to go to (as P JUST told me!) Downtown Catanzaro is fun, though!!

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