How Being an American Expat in Italy Changes You

American Expats in Calabria, Italy

Me with Dawn and Michelle the weekend we all met in 2007! Ahhh, the joys of being an expat. Living it up on foreign land, haggling with the locals over the price of a knock-off handbag, expanding the search for the most authentic homemade gelato in the country. Oh no, life in Italy is not bad … in fact, it is downright bella. But even when your day-to-day experiences consist of Argonese sand castles and big naked bronze men, you fall into a routine and it is surprisingly easy to overlook just how much your new life has changed you. But it does. Being an expat changes your perspective on life. It enhances your life. It transforms you in ways that are sometimes hard to articulate. So this is what I think. Here are three ways being an expat can change your life. Post continues today over at City Girl Lifestyle. — Don’t forget to come back next Friday for the City Girl’s views on being an expat *in* America. Buon Weekend!

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  1. Francesca Lanza

    Dear Cherrye,
    If your husband is related to the Mancuso family originally from Maida(with relatives who are cheesemakers, in Philadedelphia), we are related.

    I will be in Catanzaro June 30th to July 12th.
    I will be staying in Lido di Catanzaro and Vallefiorta. I still have some family in Maida (le familglie Donato, Brescia e Papaleo)who I will see, but I would love to find/connect with my Mancuso family in Italia.

    I would greatly appreciate any information you and your husband may have on the Mancuso family and look forward to hearing from you.
    Grazie mille,
    Francesca Lanza
    [email protected]
    I commend you on your venture. I am in the process of obtaining dual citizenship and plan to do say “ciao tutti americani anche.”
    I emailed you… let me know if you didnt receive it!

  2. Cherrye, It’s funny that you should post about this very topic. I was thinking to myself today how much I’ve changed just in the past 6 months that I’ve been here. I’m going back to Texas for 2 weeks and I know it’s going to be a bit of a shock.. to me and everyone else!!
    I bet you are in TX now… how is it going?!?

  3. joanne at frutto della passione

    Ah Yes the joy of putting your foot in your mouth in a foreign language!! But at least you have great stories to tell at dinner parties!
    I know, right? LOL
    .-= joanne at frutto della passione´s last blog ..Expats say the darndest things =-.

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