Harmony Bed and Breakfast in Palermo, Sicily

I knew once my husband and I decided to open a bed and breakfast, I would never again travel with the objectivity non-innkeepers enjoy. I’d notice intimate things like precisely matching towels or if they offer extra rolls of toilet paper. I’d judge the quality of their breakfast offerings or the sincerity of their customer service. In other words … I thought I’d become hard to please.

But I didn’t.

Oh yes, I notice things like extra toilet paper rolls and precisely matching towels. I judge cappuccino quality and cheerful demeanor. But I am usually happily surprised.

Such was the case last February when we ventured out of Calabria and into neighboring Sicily.

Choosing the right hotel or bed and breakfast can be as important as choosing the right destination. Depending on the trip, you might need to be within steps of a bustling downtown or you might prefer a leisurely stroll into the heart of the city.

Harmony Bed and Breakfast in Palermo was the perfect place for our girls’ weekend getaway. It was an easy walk from the train station and just minutes from all of the major Palermo city highlights. It was off of the main drag, so loud night traffic wasn’t a problem and it was close to interesting sites and great restaurants.

Our room was spotless and they cleaned and changed the towels daily. (As do we at Il Cedro, but apparently all B&Bs aren’t so kind …)

Breakfast was a modest cornetto, purchased from one of the best bakeries in Palermo, with crackers and jelly, coffee, tea or cappuccini.

The staff was friendly and went out of their way to help us when we were turned around en route and offered us late breakfast and check-out options.

It is important to note that not only do they not have a non-smoking policy, but many of the staffers and their friends fill the front lobby with cigarette smoke, a fact that worried me as we were greeted and shown to our room.

However, our room – smokeless and removed from the front lobby – was fresh and clean.

If you find yourself heading to Palermo and looking for an efficient, clean bed and breakfast I highly recommend Harmony Bed and Breakfast. I wouldn’t hesitate to stay there again and I hope I get the chance to visit really soon.

Have you ever been to Palermo? What hotels or B&Bs can you recommend? What do you look for in a hotel or bed and breakfast?

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  1. Never been to Palermo, but enjoyed Bleeding Espresso’s series.

    (Know exactly what you mean about spotting these things when travelling. Little touches make all the difference.)
    Palermo is great. I’d love to go back … especially to those markets!! ahhh….

  2. Cherrye, thanks for the B&B recommendation, always looking for good and clean places to stay. I’ve never been to Sicily yet but will some day.

    Someday I will make it down to the toe of the boot and get to stay at your B&B and meet you and Michelle.
    Yea… I hope you make it down here soon. It would be great!

  3. I consider that a great recommendation. I feel if you own or operate a certain type of business and you can recommend someone else in the same field then it must be good.
    Thanks, Nadine. I hope you get a chance to visit Palermo – and Catanzaro, of course!

  4. Looks nice C. I’ll put it on my list.

    Not a fan of smoking rooms, but like you-if it is smoke-free I am good to go!
    Yes, I was definitely worried when they were all smoking at the entrance, but it was super clean and our room was fresh.
    My Melange‚Äôs last blog post..More About…..Me

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