Guest Blogger Britni: 13 Things to Do or See in Spain

This is my first time guest blogging and I’m really excited about it because I love My Bella Vita. I hope to get out to Italy one of these days myself but haven’t had the time or money yet.

Three years ago, though I went to Spain on a study abroad program and fell in love with the people, architecture and culture. Spain often gets skipped over for its neighbors, France and Italy, but it is one of those places I would say not to miss.

So, here are 13 Must See or Do Things when Visiting Spain.

La Alhambra in Granada

Gaudi Park in Barcelona – it kind of reminds me of a park that Dr. Seuss would have created!

Tapas – especially the roasted potatoes

Frozen Limonada in the plaza de Madrid (or anywhere else for that matter) .

Futbol! I got the chance to see Real Madrid (while Beckham was still on their team) play against Madrid.

Flamenco – my school took us to see Flamenco in a tapas bar. The combination of music, stamping, and dancing is incredible.

Magic Fountain of Montjuic in Barcelona – The fountain goes off with music and lights in tune to popular songs. Beautiful!

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona – This cathedral has been a work in progress for so many years because Gaudi ran out of money to finish it. Small donations have kept the progress going, but it’s still not finished.

Bull fights – Not for the weak hearted, but what an amazing insight to Spanish culture. People crowd into these circular arenas and share beer, meals, and cheers as matadors try to overcome the bulls. I almost cried when the bull was killed though.

Swords in Toledo – I didn’t buy one for fear of bringing it back on the plane, but it was amazing to watch them be made.

Monks performing Gregorian chants in Silos – talk about hypnotic. All of the prayers and words are sang in harmonic chants. Beautiful.

Prado Museum in Madrid – for the art lover and non-lover alike, you’ll find something here. I could have spent days and days there without seeing everything.

Ice cream – I think I ate ice cream every day at least once without fail. My favorite was a flavor called, “Las frutas del bosque” and had a lot of berries mixed into a vanilla type base. It’s different than American ice cream, close to Italian gelato, but just so different.

Cherrye’s Note: Britni, one of my newest blogging buddies, keeps things upbeat and entertaining at her blog Play More, Laugh More, Live More . She blogs about travel, married life and being a 20something playful professional in DC.

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