Friends of George Cookbook Raises $16,000 for Cancer Treatment

I can’t remember the last time I procrastinated writing a post until my morning “deadline.” You see, being the highly organized and somewhat anal-retentive blogger I am, I like my posts prepared at least a day in advance. It allows me to take more time with each post, edit it thoroughly and sleep in a bit.

But that didn’t happen this morning.

Maybe it was Gloria. Maybe it was Ike. Maybe it was fate.

I skimmed the headlines this morning and thought you might be interested to hear the latest regarding Italy’s national airline, Alitalia and whether they are going to survive the week. But the negative vibes and downright juvenile drama is just too much for a Monday morning.

So I moved on to Italylogue where Jessica provides a rundown of the latest Italian news, fun facts, festival updates and conspiracies. But she does it so well there is nothing for me to add. So I won’t try.

Then I stumbled across this.

One of my new favorite bloggers, City Girl at City Girl Lifestyle wrote a touching Love Thursday post last week where she highlighted Lattes and Lipstick, a blog whose author has raised more than $16,000 for  alternative cancer treatment for her husband by selling an online cookbook for $1.00.

$16,000. One dollar at at time.

It is an emotional story, not only of spousal love or undying faith, but of what a community – like our own blog community – will do for people we’ve never met. We hear stories of how hatred, jealousy and greed tear apart our world, but human kindness is alive and well and thriving. It was a poignant start for my week and I hope you will consider purchasing a Friends of George Cookbook, as well. It’s the best dollar I ever spent.

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  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out and for posting about Gina of Lattes and Lipsticks. It really is a wonderful story 🙂 I need to post a comment on Gina’s blog to let her know two more bloggers wrote about her 🙂
    No, thank you for directing us all to her! It is a great idea and a touching story. I really hope they meet their goal.

  2. Amazing and very touching story!
    Isn’t that nice? The cookbook also has a great recipe for pie crust with ingredients I can find here in Italy. Win-Win!

  3. Oh, one more reason to love blogs 🙂

    We are a community and get to know each other so well that it feels natural to also step in when needed…

    Though I hadn’t read that blog, but I’ll go check it out.

    See you around Cherrye!
    You are *soooo* right. That is the best part of blogging, actually.

  4. Wow!! Thank you SO MUCH for this post!!
    Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog from here and especially THANK YOU to everyone who has bought a cookbook!! I am just so amazed at the power of the internet- and the kindness I have found in “blogland”.

    I love your blog!! It’s so ITALIAN!!! I want to take time to really read over this- top of my list dream has always been to own a B&B!!! I am probably going to be so jealous…. 😉
    Prego, Gina. Owning a B&B is a lot of fun and you meet so many interesting people, but the hours get looooong sometimes! 🙂 Hopefully you and George can visit ours someday.

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