I love shopping.

I do.

I love it so much, in fact, I will shop for things I don’t even need. (Oh, come on. You know you do, too!)

And, since Italy is famous for designers, fashion, and all-around great shopping, then how lucky am I to be here?

After living in Italy for two years, I have finally realized how to maximize my Italian shopping experience.

1) Win the lottery
2) Rob a bank
3) Lose 20 pounds
4) Grow an extra 5 inches

If I could only determine how to stretch those extra centimetri, I think I could manage the rest.

Or, I could move along and partake in other shopping pleasures.

Yes, that is much more attractive than bank robbery.

Introduce the FIERE.

Trade fairs are quite the affair around here, and as any Catanzaresi will tell you, the city stops for them. We are no exception. If anyone was paying attention, they’d have seen yours trulyat the local furniture fiera three times last month.

But, they offered sooo much more than furniture

They sold candy.

They sold olives. Smoking olives, in fact!

 There was sausage …

and, cheese!

Oh, it was great. We also checked out new kitchen counters and living room sets, and I found a fabulous antique oak dining table. It was only 1,000 euros …

Does that seem like a lot to you?

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  1. Giulia

    “and I found a fabulous antique oak dining table. It was only 1,000 euros …

    Does that seem like a lot to you?”

    YES! But, I am cheap frugal. lol
    Maybe, just maybe, if I had the money… I would think otherwise.

    Oh and, I totally agree with you on how to maximize ones Italian shopping experience. 😉

  2. Giulia

    Figures… worked when I went to correct it. Let me shut up…it seems as if I am highjacking the comments section. Sorry, Cherrye! 🙂

  3. Too funny Giulia–I hate when that happens to me in other people’s comments, but when it happens in mine, I just find it amusing 🙂

    Anyhoo yes I also agree on how to maximize the shopping experience. I’m sure the table was lovely (why am I assuming I won’t ever see it in your house?) 😉

  4. j

    So do the Italians shop like Americans, I mean do they do recreational shopping. Without sales and with high prices I would think not.

    And yes to the above comments. I would have made a table out of those rounds of cheese.

  5. Carole DeSimone

    You can buy cheese anytime.
    I’m sure the table is bellissimo, but don’t know much about comparable prices.
    Oh, how I envy you and Michelle!

  6. Ha ha! Hey, there, G! I am (I dont even know how to cross out) CHEAP. So, …

    Michelle – See # one on list to maximize experience. If I win the lottery, you’ll see that table!

    LOL, Jan. I am sorry to admit, I did NOT buy any cheese!

    Yes, Nadine. The cheese did look good. They were even giving away pecorino samples at one place.

    J – I don’t know HOW they manage it, but Italians do shop a lot. I think it depends on where they place their priorities, maybe. I also think they are used to shopping without sales, so it isn’t a big deal. I got pushed out of the way once for a necklace at a 30% sale. I was thinking, “ONLY 30%,” and they were grabbing it by the basketload!

    Carole – It was a beautiful table. I don’t remember how much the chairs were … Don’t envy Michelle and me, come visit us! 🙂

  7. I’m thinking I want some cheese! NUTELLA candy??? I could use some of those too!
    I’m going to Lonestar tonight for some Southwestern eats! I’ll be thinking of you Cherrye!

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