Celebrating Thanksgiving in Italy: La Festa del Ringraziamento

Of all of the American holidays, none is more important – or more heartbreaking to miss – than Thanksgiving.

My hugely over-populated Catholic family all gathers around the table at my grandparent’s house in Honey Island, Texas – a suburb of the large metropolis of Kountze – and overeats, watches football, catches up on everyone’s latest news and overeats.

eattt fanksgiving
photo credit: jelene

Oh. I said that already.

The fact that I have missed Thanksgiving before doesn’t make it any easier. So this year, we are celebrating Texas/Pennsylvania/West Virginia/Connecticut/Irish/Calabrese-style. Some of the expats are heading over to Il Cedro and we are going to cook up our very own Festa del Ringraziamento feast.

We thought about having chicken fried steaks, pot pies, leeks and Bailey’s, – all covered with pounds of peppers, but opted instead for a more traditional dinner.

We have high hopes for our day and I hope your day goes just as well.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Love Thursday!

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  1. joanne at frutto della passione

    Happy Thanksgiving, have a great day.
    Thanks, Joanne! It was fabulous!
    joanne at frutto della passione’s last blog post..File these under *WHAT WAS I THINKING?*

  2. j

    Happy Thanksgiving Cherrye. I just returned from my sister-in law’s house in Ann Arbor where we did all the usual. I made the broccoli with an Italian touch…steamed then tossed with garlic and olive oil…yum. We didn’t watch football. Instead we watched comedy dvds of Brian Reagan and Jim Gafigan. I think you can watch them on line on comedy central.
    Jim Gafigan is hilarious. I love the bacon routine he has! lol Happy belated Thanksgiving to you, too!

  3. Debbie

    Good ‘ol Honey Island, TX. I spent every summer there between age 4 and 14. My sister and I would leave Washington the day after school got out in June and leave Texas the day before school started in September. My dad lived right across the street from the Honey Island General Store. We lived right next to my Granny & PawPaw. Thanks for the memories. 🙂
    OMG. You used to go to Honey Island, Texas?? Uhm. Are we related?!? Seriously. There are only like 100 people who live there! lol I know EXACTLY where the General Store is. I got carded buying cigarettes for my grandfather there when I was like 25 (b/c they didn’t believe I had grown up so *fast*!) Thanks for the message!

  4. Debbie

    Not sure if you remember me. My last name was Holmes. I moved to TX for a short period of time when I was a sophomore.
    Yes I do, Debbie! How are you? That was a *loooong* time ago. Ahhh, high school! Thanks for reading and commenting on the blog! I appreciate it.

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