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The ancient remains of a castle in Fiumefreddo Bruzio, Italy. Photo: Giovanna Figliuolo

Travel Tip Tuesday: Five Mistakes Travelers Make in the Mezzogiorno

My husband and I have spent the last four years in the Southern Italy tourism industry and we’ve learned a lot in that time. Between the guests we host at our Calabrian bed and breakfast and the clients we help through our travel consulting business, we’ve seen travelers on every end of the spectrum …...
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Free Food and Delicious Drinks: The Southern Italian Aperitivo

I started this post last week as part of the “My Favorite Things” series on traditions I love in Southern Italy, but old memories kicked in and well, that post got long. So, last week I told you about my first aperitivo in Calabria and today I’m going to elaborate on the “Aperitivo Experience,” something...
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If You are What You Eat, What Does That Say About Sicily’s Milza?

Earlier this week I wrote a guest post for Mangia Monday, a weekly column over at Wanderlust Women Travel. The site’s owner, Lisa Fantino was interested in how Sicilians are taking a bite out of crime and it reminded her of some of her favorite culinary memories as a child. Welcome, Lisa. “You are what...
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Five Places to Go in Sicily

Sicily is one of the most diverse regions in Italy, so it is darn near impossible to narrow it down to just five places you should consider visiting. But I tried.
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