Calabrian Women’s Summit 2007

In honor of International Women’s Week….(I know, I know, it was only a day, but work with me here…) In honor of International Women’s Week I, along with my American-Calabrese Cohorts, Michelle and Dawn, present to you – The Calabrian Women’s Summit 2007. No seriously – go back and click on that title “The Calabrian Women’s Summit 2007.” Michelle took notes and photos of the occasion, and she shared them here on her blog. She summed up the weekend perfectly, and since I couldn’t say it better myself – I won’t even try.

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  1. j

    Well, I knew you guys would have fun. Sitting around with friends on a rainy afternoon at a B&B in Italy just sounds great. I enjoyed it even vicariously. Do it some more and tell me all about it.

  2. Cherrye

    Ha! Thanks J. BTW – I was thinking about what you said about it not being “American-style”…but it was – we spoke English! đŸ™‚ Have a great day!

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