How to Pack a Beach Bag for a Summer in Calabria

Summertime is just around the corner and here in Calabria things are heating up and everyone is preparing for the beach. If you are planning a trip to southern Italy this summer, you might be wondering what you should pack for your beach bum days.

Well never fear.

Here is a list-or three-to help you prepare your beach bag for a Calabrian summer.

Many women in Calabria use an over-sized beach bag, oftentimes choosing one that accents their swimsuit or cover up. It’s not necessarily an expensive bag-but it is functional.

Some things to put in your bag if you are single include:
– Creams, lotions and oils for your face, body and hair
– A hat
– Big sunglasses
– Lip balm
– A big towel
– Book or magazine
– iPod or MP3
– Bottled water
– Tissues, because you just never know
– Your cell phone
– Small wallet

If you are packing a beach bag for you and your family, also include:
– Fruit
– A knife to peel your fruit, since Italians never eat the skin
– Extra hand towels for the kids
– A Frisbee
– A volleyball or other kind of bouncy ball
– Pencils and paper
– Pail and shovel and other assorted beach toys

Other things I’ve noticed that men and women carry to the beaches in Calabria are:
– Snorkel gear
– Earplugs
– Eye drops

If you are planning to spend the day at the beach, consider packing sandwiches in addition to your fruit and water or plan on having lunch at one of the beach kiosks that are found on busier beaches.

What other items do you suggest travelers pack in their beach bags?

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Photo: Bella Bags

5 Responses
  1. joanne at frutto della passione

    Baby wipes, whether you have kids or not, they are soooo useful for so many reasons.
    T shirts for the kiddies because sometimes cream is just not enough.

    Definitely. I didn’t include wipes b/c I usually have some in my purse! Agreed-you always need them.

  2. I usually freeze a large bottle of water and take it to the beach as a giant ice cube. It gets so hot in Italy at the beach, so it’s nice to have ice cold water handy. Especially when the bar nearby won’t serve ANYTHING truly cold because they are afraid of being sued for attempted murder!

    That made me literally, lol. 😉 Good tip!

    .-= regina´s last blog ..Mbrella Mbrella =-.

  3. More food. We also take cheese, bread, sliced meats, cookies.

    I *love* beach picnics-they are the best. Especially when you are there all day and have your umbrella … ah… .

    .-= running42k´s last blog ..Labels =-.

  4. Vanessa

    GOGGLES!! To watch out for those meduse (jellyfish). I also wear tevas or similar shoes so when i go in the rocky bits i don’t cut my feet (esp when carrying kids).

    Good tips!

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