Better Late than Never – Poste Italiane

It’s a pretty widespread secret that our beloved, and much depended on, Poste Italiane sometimes lets us down

Just a quick hop, skip, and jump around the blogosphere will tell you all about it.

You know what I say to that?

Expectations, people!! It’s all about expectations. And, come on…give the poste a break! Sometimes they do come through for you.

Peppe and I have one common friend, and in that, I mean ONE person who was my friend AND his friend before we were “we.” This lovely English lass who has returned to the City of Lights, sent us an auguri card for our wedding.

We received it this week.

The postman, after complaining because I didn’t meet him at the street when he drove up on his scooter, handed me this.

Feeling slightly, ok…it was more than slightly, annoyed, I finished opening the bag. I found this.

Yep. It was opened. Not once, but twice.

Ain’t that nice?

Upon closer examination, I noticed the post date from when she mailed the card from France.

For those of you in America, that is November 12, 2007.

And, people say Poste Italiane can’t get their act together!


In other news, be sure to visit Judith today to uncover more Cucina Americana, as she prepares her delicious chicken pot pie!

Buon weekend!

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  1. nyc/caribbean ragazza

    Almost five months? That is crazy.

    People keep asking me why I am paying all this money to have professional movers ship my things.

    I’d rather have one big crate go through customs than deal with shipping a bunch of boxes through Poste Italiane. Life is too short.

  2. Tanya

    Holy moly, I guess we should be greatful for the USPS,lol!! Glad you finally got it!
    Although that reminds me of a story. My husbands uncle was in the military on some submarine, back in the 70’s (it’s a pretty famous submarine and I can’t remember the name now but my husband would know it in a second,lol) anyway, his submarined uncle sent a letter, from the 70’s mind you, to his parents (my husbands grandparents) and unfortunately it was finally delivered after 20 something years and they were already deceased and the new residents got it. I remember seeing these people in the newspaper holding the letter,lol…wonder what became of it. I hope it was returned to my husbands family, I’ll have to ask. But it makes you wonder where the letter was for 20 something years!

  3. Nadine

    Wow that’s just nuts. The opening your mail twice part is upsetting.

    I love chicken pot pie. I’ll have to go and get the recipe.

    Have a great weekend Cherrye.

  4. Leanne

    At least you got the letter as I was watching the news which had a secret camera and they were filming the post office staff in Milan throwing away truck loads of post a month or so ago!
    My mum sent me a pack air mail from Australia which costs a fortune and for this fortune it is meant to arrive in 7 – 10 days. I got my pack 2 months later, opened, squashed and then tied back together with some old bit of string or something!

  5. Rhea

    Wow, that’s scary! I can’t believe it had been opened twice…and how does the mailman carry everything on his scooter?? He expected you to meet him at the curb? Sheesh! No Christmas tip for him!

  6. Cherrye

    Running – YOU probably could have run it here faster!

    BE – I know… I know…

    CD – Thanks for the info.

    Red – GOOD LUCK to you!

    NYC – True, that! I sure hope you don’t have any problems. I’m wondering if DHL or FedEx is better than Poste Italiane??

    WOW, Tanya. That is incredible. I’m sorry to hear they didn’t get the letter in time, but that is like something you see on TV. I hope your husband’s family does have the letter!

    Yes, Erin…

    Nadine – Tell me about it. I was afraid to complain to the delivery guy because I like the mail we DO get, ya know?

    J – ha ha…may be J, it may be!

    Oh, Leanne that is horrible. Just horrible. I am glad you got it. We’ve had several LOST packages over the years, though. Never recovered.

    Ha, ha…I know, right, Rhea?? Jeez…

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