For the first time in history, or well, in my memory, at least

Almost Non-Stop Flights (you don’t really have to get off of the plane in Bologna)

Lamezia Terme, Italy
New York City, U.S.A
That is right, you heard me… now has direct flights to the homeland, right from our little neck in the woods…
The plan is to test this flight schedule on a seasonal basis (May-November), with one flight weekly. I did a random search for a late October departure with an early November return and found a flight for 479 Euro! Whoo Hoo…

Now there are no excuses, and as Old Man Barker used to say – COME ON DOWN….

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  1. Louise

    THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!! I’ll have to convince my husband that a trip to Italy has to happen!!! LOL
    I’d love to come see your B and B.
    Hope you have a lot of guests coming your way!

  2. cheeky

    Cherrye, I loved your Easter. Thanks for sharing. I can relate to the family thing and adjusting to new traditions.(I’m commenting here since I’m a little behind)
    That Peppe is awesome. I love the mobile in the egg, how’d they do that? hee hee I would have been jumping up and down like a child, I admit that proudly.
    You are beautiful, no make and all!

  3. Nadine

    I always wanted to go to Italy. Now I just need the funds. I’m with Louise and would love to see your B and B.

  4. Cherrye

    Louise and Nadine – I hope you DO get to take a trip to Italy soon, and we would LOVE for you to see the B&B in person!

    Thanks, Cheeky.

    Yes, Michelle, now you can finally go back home and visit your “peeps”.

    J – ha ha very funny. Maybe you won’t have to wait so long either to get back to CZ.

    NYC – While this is a GREAT deal, it still doesn’t get me “home”. I’d have to take another flight from NYC to Houston. But, I figure with the Jet Blues and the Southwests of the world…it just might happen! đŸ™‚

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