And….the Winner is!

Thank you to everyone who donated money, said prayers, or thought “happy” thoughts for my friend Andrea during the Breast Cancer 3-Day Contest.

Without further ado….

The winner of a brand new Calabrese-something regalo


Annika of Dove Mi Porta Il Cuore

Although my contest is over, you can still donate to Andrea – or any of the other walkers through November! Just click here!

5 Responses
  1. Cherrye

    Well, NOW YOU HAVE! 🙂

    I sent you an email…did you get it? Send me an email so I can have your email address, ok??

  2. Cherrye

    Howdy Farfallina…

    I know how Annika feels. I NEVER win anything either! he he

    No, Andrea still has about $1900 to go… YIKES! 🙁 I am sure she will raise it, though. She needs a rich uncle, huh??

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