Ahhh….j’adore Spring!

I really do.

But, Pazzo Marzo got the best of me this year. It was a tough month!

Sooooo, HELLO APRIL, boy am I glad you’re here. And, that’s no joke!

Throughout the month, we alternated between basking in the sunny warmth, to dodging the cold wind, ice storms, and rain. March is so unpredictable, Italians even have a saying dedicated to its craziness.

Marzo pazzarello

esce il sole e prendi l’ombrello

Which, translated means that March in Italy is pretty much like Texas year-round.

Even when it is sunny, carry an umbrella.

So…adieu Pazzo Marzo and welcome sunny April. With any luck, we’ll be at the beach in no time!

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  1. Linda

    I hear ya sister! Good riddance March!!!. But here in Milan they say “April ogni gotta on baril” (Aprile ogni goccia è un barile). So I guess I won’t be putting that umbrella away anytime soon.

  2. Cherrye

    Ditto that, Nadine!

    PP – I’m sorry to hear it was rough for you, too! Here’s to a better April!

    I know, Linda…like April Showers Bring May Flowers, right?? Like Joe said – HURRY UP, MAY!

    Thanks, Erin.

    Rhea – ha ha…the CRAZY part!

    Joe – or even June. June here is sublime!

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