I just *love* Italians…

You know I do.

One, on most occasions, more than the rest.

But, one thing I do not discriminate on is my love of their cute little accents…in inglese, of course.

My personal favorite?


It is no surprise Italians encounter difficulties with my name – Americans have had problems my entire life. In the states, I get “Sherry” or, sometimes “Cheryl” and, sometimes…just sometimes…”Carrie.” “Her name can’t be CHERRY,” they must be thinking, so they add and subtract letters at will.

But, here in Italy it is a whole ‘nurther story.

My name, especially in the mouth of my favorite Italian photographer’s son, is prezioso!

It sounds like – stay with me here, now – Chaw’ewey.

Yes, like a mix between a chihuahua and a berry.

Couldn’t you just eat that up?

It is also amusing when I am corrected on English-language words they have adapted to make their own.


or, computer,

or…and, this is a good one, you guys – Hillary Clinton!

On more than one occasion, I have tried to make myself understood by altering my own accent when speaking English. “I need a spray for my sore throat,” becomes “Ho bisogno una spray per il mal di gola.

Well, “spray,” in my accento Southeast Texas, comes out “spraaay.”

It don’t cut it!

So, I continue my struggle to learn, not only Italian and Calabrese, but to re-learn words I have uttered the last 30 years…

And, I have to admit, “shopping” is one word I’m not planning to lose.

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  1. j

    That’s very funny. So do they correct your English to sound more northern American or more Italian?

    Though the Italian dialect thing is way more troublesome than American accents, they even spell the words differently in southern Italy. Everything in southern Italy ends in a “u”, doesen’t it?

    Of course Texas accents are something else. In fact, I haven’t understood a word you’ve said this whole time Sherry.

  2. Texas Espresso

    HAHAHA – I come across this all the time. My Italian (and others) correct my words and grammar. Now, I may not remember all of my grammar rules but I speak English very well and I AM A NATIVE SPEAKER.LOL

    Nowadays with the Italian I can just give him a “look” and he’s laughing and chagrinned. but others take more convincing. It makes me laugh and I am always amazed when non-native speakers correct a native speaker in any language. what arrogance.LOL (and we all do it)

  3. Antonino Condorelli

    Hey! I remember how does mario call you… It’s very funny…
    He say Chewury… really funny, and really funny post.
    See you soon for pics?
    Ciao Antonino

  4. bleeding espresso

    So funny when you have to say something their way even when it’s our word. Another favorite of mine is “l’Internet” with the stressed t’s. Too funny Chaw’ewey.

  5. Cherrye

    Very funny, J! They correct my “english” to sound more Italian! ha ha

    Yes, dialects are VERY different from accents. They change words and everything. I am just getting around to learning a few Calabrese words. Now, I understand when I hear it if it is Italian or Calabrese, but I don’t “understand” what they are saying. To me, Calabrese sounds kinda Arabic…boh!

    Stacy – I hear ya, girl. Pep’s dad asked him once why I say my name “cherry” instead of cherrrrye”. Isn’t that hilarious??

    I was also told once (by an Italian who teaches English) that the proper English is British, so I would need to learn that before I could teach! lol

    Antonino! Peppe said he saw Mario the other day and he was like, “Chewery” “Chewery”…it is so cute. When am I gonna get to see him (and Adele, too!)

    Ah, yes, Michelle. Internet is another funny one. What can you do?!?

  6. J.Doe

    I was always corrected on my English pronunciation by native italians, and was even told once that i speak English pretty good, but have a horrible accent. (i.e. not British)

  7. Kataroma

    I have to say I’ve never had a native Italian correct my (australian-american) English. Probably mostly because none of the people I know in Rome speak English very well – we speak Italian but if we were to speak English, they wouldn’t have the guts to correct me.

    It is rather humbling when you have to say English words like “spray” (spraeeeyyy), Harry Potter (arreepotterrr), etc al italiano for just to be understood.

    Here in Sydney, though, I had to ask for a “brooshetta” the other day in a restaurant so I guess us English speakers get our revenge sometimes. đŸ™‚

  8. anna l'americana

    Ah, yes, the infamous “spry”…..
    I hate to correct you, but spray in Italian is MASCULINE!!!!! (Ho bisogno di UNO sprai……)

    Forgive me my playful mood – I’m still laughing at the pronunciation “correction”…I was once turned down at an audition for news reading, in Italian – for which they specifically wanted a native English speaker – because I “mispronounced” the proper names of American businesses in the text I was given to read. With the comment – “Se questa qui e Americana io so Iamese Deyan (James Dean)” to boot!

    And Kataroma, “brooshetta” is my pet peeve too now that I’m back in the States…..

  9. Cherrye

    J Doe- That is sad…

    Katie – I think broosheta is funny, too. I’ve had folks at restaurants in America correct me when I say it with a “k” sound.

    Anna – Thanks for the correction. I forget “il” pepsi… il “bar” – right…all stolen words are masculine?? ha ha

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