A Little Time for Polly

“Pollyanna” just might be the best feel-good movie of all time. If not, it is dang close. I just loved Haley Mills’s cute little accent, the super-cool 60s chic outfits she got “now that she is a Harrington,” Aunt Polly’s hair when it was down, and that huge slice of cake Pollyanna got at the county jamboree.

My sister even sang “Amewica da Butaful” in a pageant when she was four, with the same solemn stare and stiff back as Pollyanna, not forgetting to take that little step forward as she repeated the first verse.

My whole family was hooked!

I teared up every time Dr. Chilton walked, a defeated Pollyanna scooped in his arms, towards the group of people cheering for her swift recovery. Heck, I am tearing up now thinking of it!

The thing that has stuck with me through the years, though, isn’t the cute, although somewhat predictable plot, the beautiful cast of characters, or even (once again) Pollyanna’s new wardrobe, but her favorite game. Can you remember what it is?

Can you?

If you said “The Glad Game,” then good for you!

I don’t exactly remember when I adopted, aka “stole,” Pollyanna’s game and made it my own. For as long as I can remember I’ve been playing. It was there in Jr. High when I didn’t make 7th grade cheerleader. Then in High School when my oooh-to-recent ex-boyfriend told me a girl he dated was pregnant and he was getting married. I played the game in college, so much in fact, that the LU Athletics Department where I worked had a bulletin board dedicated to the game.

On my first road trip when I went to work for Disney Emily and I created a modified version, which I can’t really share with you here. Let’s just say, we were really tired, really hungry, really stressed, and really lost – for almost 22 hours! We added an adjective to the name “The …. Glad Game!” But, you know what? It worked and we were laughing within minutes!

Peppe and I played every time one of us had to get on a plane. It was usually a tearful rendition, but the game all the same! You can even be silly with it if you want, like we did.

Me: (sniff, sniff) “I’m glad you came to Texas.”

Him: “I’m glad I get to eat airplane food on my way home.”

Me: “I’m glad I don’t have to.”


Him: “I’m glad I’m going to see you in a few months.”

Me: “Whaaaaaaaaaa….”

But, it really does work. Trust me.

One thing I have noticed lately, though, is the lack of The Glad Game in my life. It has crossed my mind occasionally this past year, but I haven’t even tried to play.

I wonder why?

On first glance one could think it is because I’ve lost some of that childlike innocence, although I pray that isn’t the case.

Someone else might think it is because, negativity being easier to accept than positivity, that I have abandoned the cause. This, I also hope, isn’t true.

Thus, I have one reasonable explanation remaining. Maybe…just maybe…I don’t need the game…at least not as much as I once did. Maybe things overall are going so well for me that I AM GLAD – and I don’t have to play the game and pretend.


*Let’s test it*

I am sad because I miss my family…
But, I am GLAD we can pay 10 Euro a month for unlimited calls to US land lines.

Nah – it still works!

So, there is only one thing to do. I gotta Get Game!

I found a blog today that just might help me do that. Yours Truly B of Daily Gratefulness has a great thing going on at her blog. She and a friend list five things every day to be grateful for. That’s gotta be a cousin to The Glad Game, right?

So, in my genuine attempt to get back The Glad, here are five things

I am Glad Of and/or Grateful For:

  1. The sun was shining today
  2. Peppe made a delicious pasta for lunch
  3. I spent time planning my wedding
  4. I found Yours Truly B’s blog and
  5. I remembered Pollyanna

What about you?

8 Responses
  1. Erin

    That was a sweet post : ) I’m going to go post a “glad” post! How’s the jogging going? I finished the first week and today I’m going to start with walk 5 min., jog 1 min. Although, maybe I’ll rest today since I walked like 5 miles yesterday! Have a happy day!!!

  2. Carole D.

    What an interesting post that riminded me of the Pollyanna club I joined short term due to the fact that the organizer moved to Colorado. In fact, she might have formed a new one there.

    But, that’s exactly what we did, we met once a month to eat chocolate and play the glad game.

    One of the things I’m glad about is that I will be travelling to Italy in 3 weeks and will be visiting family members that I haven’t seen in years:)

    Second me, you have a lot to be glad about these days!!!

  3. Louise

    What a great idea!! I gotta try that!!!
    I don’t think I have ever seen that movie….on my to do list!!

    Have a great day!

  4. j

    Every evening our family says grace before dinner. It goes like this:
    “Thank God for food and family” – and then it goes around to each of us (my two boys and Heather and I) “I’m thankful for…”(for me tonight it was Spring and my fig tree (which I unburied today)).

  5. Nadine

    Great post. I love the “glad” game.

    1. I’m grateful for my husband’s love
    2. I’m grateful I started my day in prayer
    3. I’m grateful I finished my book proposal
    4. I’m grateful that my kids are happy and healthy
    5. I’m grateful to have had a relaxing evening

  6. cheeky

    This is a great sentiment.
    It’s too easy to get stuck in dwelling on the negative whilst there are so many good things we miss.
    I love this idea. I like the idea of incorporating it daily.
    I like your attitude, it’s really not hard to understand how you worked at Disney. I can almost hear you as you write, it’s sweet.

  7. jessica

    i love that film. i have it in my collection, though i usually fall asleep right after she falls off the roof. i have a little book where i (try, try) to write down five things a day to be thankful for. I got that idea from oprah, but to tell the truth, as soon as I started, i thought of pollyana, and every single time i use the word “glad” i think of that movie

  8. Krystal M

    too cute- reminds me of a prayer I say when things are not fantastic:
    Dear God, I thank you for this day so full of your kindness and joy, I close my eyes to rest safe in your loving care, Amen, Makes me think even if I had a bad day, someone out there had a wonderful one full of kindness and Joy.
    Happy Love Thursday!!!

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