50 Year Old Madonna Still Loves Controversy

Let the record state that I have nothing against the Material Girl, really. Anyone who is able to take average looks and an average voice and create the dynasty that is Madonna is doing something right. Who am I to judge?

I admire her for not quitting. Taking her risks. And keeping that kick-ass body in shape.

But dedicating her 1984 hit “Like a Virgin” to Pope Benedict XVI at her recent concert in Rome seems a tad bit, oh I don’t know … desperate. The outrageous acts I found thrilling and daring when she was in her 20s or 30s seem transparent now that she is older. Or maybe it is because I am older.

I can imagine it is hard to stand on the outskirts of the limelight after spending 26 years smack dab in the middle of it but I much preferred the children’s book author Madonna of her 40s to the crucifix-burning wild child of her youth. But now I am confused.

Which is she?

This latest stunt won’t make me listen to Madonna’s music any more or less than I always have … but what about you? What do you think of this latest attention-grabbing stunt and why do you think she keeps it up?

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  1. A grab for attention. Didn’t she just compare McCain to Hitler. It makes the news and it is free publicity for her. Again a smart business move.
    ha. I think she did just call McCain Hitler! I forgot about that! ha ha… I guess it works.

  2. Frankly, I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t told me. It’s showbiz and meaningless to me unless it is Raul Bova.
    What I do know is it is time for her to put some clothes on. I am sure she can bounce buses off her bottom and lift small rude men over head before throwing them under said buses, but over the last few months every photo I have seen makes her look like a ropey collection of tendons attached to bones. There comes a time in life when it is kinder to wear something.
    Now, Judith Raul Bova is DEF worth keeping tabs on. LOL funny on the “tendons attached to bones” comment.”

  3. You know — I somehow missed that. I do think running42k is right though — it is free publicity, and tackiness will make news.

    And Judith in Umbria is SO right. As fit as Madonna is, clothes are the way to go at this point.
    Agreed. All points!

  4. Being a child of the 80s, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic when MTV did a Madonna special a few days ago. I know she’s no musical genius but her songs were fun. And I appreciated her spiritual transformation in the 90s. BUT for the last 10 years or so, her lack of clothing, bad plastic surgery and “shocking” statements have gotten stale. And her finding every opportunity possible to show off yoga positions is really annoying. I mean, she’s a legend. Does she really need to dress like that to sell records? Does a strong, smart woman still have to stoop so low just to have a career in her old age? Or is she just desperately clinging to youth? I think it’s just her. If you look at artists like Tina Turner or Meryl Streep, they know how to grow old gracefully AND work. Now, I don’t want to see Ms. Ciccone on a rocking chair but I would like to see her act with some semblance of class.
    Yea, I agree. It is kinda sad, huh?

  5. j

    I think I detect female “cattiness” here. Madonna has never been my favorite, but come on, she has way better than average musical talent and like many 50 year old women who take care of themselves, she is attractive. She is outrageous, true, but that is so clearly PR stuff it’s just ho-hum. And also, MM, when Tina Turner was 50 she was still being very “Tina Turner”.
    MEOW! No, seriously J, I’m not being catty. I just don’t think Madonna’s voice compares to some of the great talents of our time. She has clearly done something right as I have heard she is a “star among stars.”

  6. J.Doe

    I don’t think the Pope was watching Madonna when she said what she did. She is just doing it for publicity. Even though she’s very rich and has many fans, she wants more of both.She got starting with shock, so she continues. Nothing new or suprprising for me.
    Yea … you are right. More of the same.

  7. Hey J, I don’t think I was being catty but if I was, I think Madge can take it đŸ˜‰ Like I said before, she’s a legend but musically, she’s just ok. She’s savvy enough to surround herself with the hippest and best producers and songwriters so of course she’s going to sound great. But she does have a little playback “help” when on tour. And yes, Tina Turner has always been very “Tina” but she’s always had class. And can you even compare her rendition of Proud Mary to anything Madonna’s done? I don’t think so.
    đŸ™‚ I hear you…

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