Trip Doctor

You’ve invested hundreds of hours researching your trip to southern Italy – read dozens of hotel and guide reviews – spent thousands of dollars in airfare, hotels and transportation.

Wouldn’t you like to know you got it right?

For just 100 bucks you can.

My Bella Vita Travel, LLC’s Trip Doctor itinerary review service was created for travelers who have planned their own vacations, but want an insider’s opinion before they spend thousands of dollars on their vacation.

What is the Trip Doctor?

The Trip Doctor is an itinerary review service where local experts review your planned itinerary and offer tips and suggestions for maximizing your vacation.
How does it work?

Email us your complete-or near complete-itinerary along with some basic information about your travel party and we’ll conduct a check-up, scrutinize it for blemishes and give you a prescription that’ll make your itinerary as good as new.

Upon completion of your itinerary review, you will receive a 48-hour coaching session where you can ask follow-up questions regarding our recommendations.
Who buys this package?

Travelers who:
– Want assurance they have created the best possible itinerary
– Would like guidance on routes, transportation or transfers
– Aren’t familiar with the area and want to ensure they are making the best choices
– Want to maximize their time and money in southern Italy
– Enjoy having inside information

The fee is $100 for the itinerary review and 48-hour follow-up. If extensive alterations to your itinerary are requested and you choose to upgrade to a Travel Consult or Custom Itinerary, the fee will apply towards your upgrade.

Email or Contact me today to get started.

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