Want to Save 30% on Trip Planning?

… then you are in the right place.

All you have to do is book three or more nights in a double occupancy room at Il Cedro B&B in Catanzaro and you are eligible for a 30% savings on your travel consult.

Let’s see how that adds up.

A typical custom consult for a three-city trip is $450.

A double room for three nights in low season at Il Cedro Bed and Breakfast is €50 X 3 nights = €150.00

30% off of your travel consult is a savings of $135.00.

You’ve darn near paid for your hotel … .

For more information, contact Cherrye at cherrye@mybellavita.com or use this contact form. If you are interested in a guided tour to your family’s ancestral village, check out our Ancestry Tours or our Back to the Beginning tour packages.

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Buon Viaggio!

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