Can you tell me the difference between a Custom Vacation and a Packaged Vacation?

They are very similar, however the main difference is the level of customization.

With a Custom Vacation, the traveler pays a $300 upfront fee to secure our services. (This is not an additional expense, it is deducted from their first invoice.) We spend several weeks going back and forth choosing their route, their base locations and hotels. Then, we fill in the details. About a month before their trip they receive a final travel package.

With a Packaged Vacation, travelers choose the itinerary they prefer, we confirm availability and final price and they pay the 50% deposit. Approximately two months before their trip, they pay their balance and a month out we send them a detailed travel package that includes their full itinerary, complete with hotel and other contact information, travel tips, ideas for “on your own” time, a selection of our exclusive planning guides, local specialties and more.

The final travel package is the same for both Custom and Packaged Vacations.

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