What To Do in Pizzo Calabro

Pizzo Calabro is a quaint and welcoming fishing village in Calabria. Its old town was built on the steep cliffs overlooking the gulf. This charming village makes for a great day trip if you are visiting Cosenza, Catanzaro or even Reggio Calabria. Pizzo may be a small town but it offers so many great experiences to its visitors. If you’re…

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Southern Italian Easter Processions You Don’t Want to Miss

Easter is a very important religious holiday in Italy. This year, Easter falls on April 16 th, and the Holy Week leading up to this day is always quite busy as many are preparing for or taking part in a traditional procession that goes back generations – the Passion Play. Throughout Italy, towns, cities and villages organize this procession which…

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The 5 Things You Must Do In Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria is situated in the southern part of Italy. You can find it quite easily because it’s the tippy toe of the boot. It’s also one of the main hubs for those looking to get to Sicily, being just a short ferry ride away. But, Reggio Calabria is so much more than a means to get to Sicily, it…

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Carnevale in Calabria

This weekend you can be absolutely certain there is some sort of Carnival festivity happening in pretty much every part of Italy. You see, Carnival is kind of a big deal here in the bel paese and many celebrations have already been in full swing since last week. Sure, the most extravagant celebrations can be found further north in Venice…

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Saint Valentine and the Calabrian seaside town of Belvedere Marittimo

It’s Valentine’s Day and people all over the world will be celebrating with their loved ones, whether it’s gifting flowers, candy or enjoying a romantic dinner for two. Valentine’s Day is linked to Saint Valentine of Terni, the saint for love, couples, and young people. Details on the life of Saint Valentine aren’t clear, but it is believed that he…

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Ski Resorts in Calabria

If you close your eyes and think of Calabria, you probably imagine beautiful coastlines and gorgeous beaches. And you wouldn’t be wrong; Calabria is well-known for its incredible seaside towns. But, Calabria is also home to incredible lush mountain ranges that, during the winter months, are a great place to visit. Calabria has three National Parks and within those parks…

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Hunting Swordfish in Chianalea in Scilla

Scilla is a picturesque fishing village located in the province of Reggio Calabria on the western Tyrrhenian Coast. Within Scilla, you’ll find the seafront neighborhood called Chianalea. Built directly on the seafront, its narrow streets and pastel-colored houses are so charming. And as the sun sets, the village’s lights reflect in the nearby water making it utterly enchanting. Chianalea prides…

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Our Top 6 Southern Italian Sites to Visit in 2016

It’s impossible to choose just one word to describe Southern Italy: rugged, historic, enchanting, captivating, mysterious, unforgettable…are only a handful that come to mind. It’s hard to believe sometimes that it’s still relatively unknown to many travelers outside of Italy. We know that the South of Italy has so much to offer travelers, and it’s finally starting to get more…

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The Birth of the Nativity Scene in Italy

As much as the Christmas tree has become a universal symbol of Christmas, but here in Italy, the Presepe (Nativity Scene) is still very much the star of this festive season! Now that the Immaculate Conception has passed, it will be tough to find an Italian home that doesn’t have a presepe set up somewhere in their home. They can…

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Sentiero Degli Dei, Amalfi Coast

Take A Hike! Hiking in Southern Italy

Southern Italy’s untapped rugged beauty with varying degrees of mountains and valleys, long winding shorelines, and let’s not forget, some of the largest and most protected national parks and reserves in Italy, make it the perfect place to visit if you love nature and hiking. You don’t have to be an expert to experience all this natural wonder because, like…

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