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Calabria Highlighted on Map of Italy

Nice boot, eh?
See that green section there at the toe?
That’s us!
That is Calabria.
Calabria is the final stopping point on the peninsula before heading to Sicily and is surrounded on three sides by mountainous terrain and Mediterranean waters.
It isn’t on many must-see lists for a tourist’s first, second or even third trip to Italy and is on ever fewer lists of “Places to Relocate One Day.”
But this is Calabria’s strong point.
Miles from any major tourist stop, Calabria is what many people imagine when they think of Old Italy. Hundreds of quaint villages dot the coastline, where the local barista knows everyone by name and where your friends’ brothers, dads or uncles own 90% of the town’s establishments.
There isn’t an American Club or an Expats Group in Calabria but there are friendly smiles and helpful neighbors. Most of the expats in Calabria accidentally stumbled across each other and if you are considering moving to Calabria, please let us know. We’d love to add you to the group of people who choose to seek a different life – a slower, more peaceful-kind of life, here in Bella Calabria.
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