Exclusively Yours! Friends and Family Finder Ancestry Tour


Exclusively Yours! Friends and Family Finder Ancestry Tour

If your travel dreams include locating long-lost Italian cousins, then you will want to consider our Exclusively Yours! Friend and Family Finder Tour Package.

This exclusive add-on is for travelers who are serious about uncovering their southern Italian heritage.

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This add-on provides for a professional genealogical research package and two research days – and possibly one night! – so your family’s Heritage Specialist can locate your Italian cousins.

Before your trip …

– a professional genealogist will research your family’s lineage and discover which members of your family remained in Italy, then

– your Heritage Specialist will spend two full days (and in some cases, one night) in your ancestral village, searching for your living relatives and arranging for you to meet them.

Once you are here …

– you will have the opportunity to meet with your new-found family members and hear stories about your family’s life in southern Italy

Upon request, we will help you organize a family feast for your Italian cousins … a time-honored event in southern Italy where you can sit, surrounded by the contagious laughter and rambunctious energy of the Italian family you’ve been dreaming to find.

Prices start at €1,000. Contact us for an estimate.

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