A Year of New Beginnings

happy new year 180x130 A Year of New Beginnings

Buon Anno, Ya’ll!

I hope you got to sneak in a vacation and enjoyed (more than) your fill of turkey, dressing, pasta, poached fish … or whatever your poison might have been over the holidays. I have a feeling 2011 is gonna be a great year for those of us in-and in love with-the bel paese.

As many loyal My Bella Vita readers have heard, my Calabrese husband and are gearing up to welcome our first child … a little boy … into our Italian-American family. He is due this month, so I just wanted to give you a heads up that-while we’ll still be working with our travel consulting business and our B&B-I’ll be cutting back to two posts a week here at My Bella Vita … at least for the next few months.

If you leave a comment, I’ll respond … it just might take longer.

If you send an email, I’ll answer it … as soon as I can.

If you want to come babysit so tired mom and overworked papà can rest … I’ll return your call immediately.

Thank you for four fabulous years at My Bella Vita and I’m looking forward to having many more conversations with you about Calabria, offering up more southern Italy travel tips and exchanging more food and recipe ideas over the next 12 months.

Happy New Year!

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A In theory, there are flaws in older erase programs that use Department of Defense technology to overwrite existing data. Here are some alternatives:

You could buy a “degausser” to demagnetize your hard disk, but they cost thousands of dollars (see tinyurl.com/6bn7c4h.) You could find a PC recycling firm in your area that will shred your hard drive.

You could destroy it yourself, but that poses problems. If you drill a hole in the drive, that leaves the rest of the data intact. If you smash the drive with a hammer, only some data might be damaged. If you burn the drive you might only release noxious chemicals without ever knowing if you had eradicated the data. site google redirect virus

The best solution may be to try a University of California erase program that uses a newer approach to disk cleaning that’s called “secure erase.” Find the free download at tinyurl.com/2xoqqw.

Q My four computers all get redirected when we use them for Google Internet searches. First the search takes me to a Google page with lots of items, but when I click an item I’m redirected to an alternate website. When I close the redirected website and click my original item, I’m then taken to the correct site. I know this is caused by malicious software, but my Norton security software and the Malwarebytes program you recommend can’t find anything. Could this be caused by my new wireless printer?

DAVID HAYES, OTTAWA, ONTARIO A Your printer’s not to blame. Your PCs have been infected with what’s commonly called the “Google redirect virus.” Symantec, the company that sells Norton security software, says it’s really a Trojan horse, a malicious program that masquerades as a useful one. The Trojan, which Symantec calls “Backdoor.Tidserv,” displays unwanted ads, redirects your browser from legitimate search results to potentially malicious Web pages, and keeps the PC vulnerable to other harmful downloads. You can find Symantec’s explanation and a free removal tool for the Trojan at tinyurl.com/ksmcdu. Click the arrow next to “download removal tool.”

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  1. I’ve been a bad blogger and blog reader in 2010 so I didn’t know you were expecting! Congrats!! I wish you lots of love and joy with your new baby (when he arrives) – what a way to start 2011!

    Ooooh, he is here, Stacy – with LOUD bells on! he he


  2. Ditto! I had no idea you were expecting. That’s super news! Keep us posted, even though I know how hard it is to write with a newborn. Mine is 4 months now and I’m sooo behind. But I don’t worry about it too much. I’m just really enjoying time with the baby… and you will too :)

    We are enjoying him … now if I could just get him to sleep as well at night as he does during the day!!
    Milanese Masala´s last blog post ..Bollywood cleans up good!


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