Travel Tip Tuesday:15 Great Travel Blogs … and an award!


travel tip tuesday2 Travel Tip Tuesday:15 Great Travel Blogs ... and an award!

Last week I was surprised-and honored-to be named one of the 15 great new travel blogs over at Inside the Travel Lab. Besides beingĀ  flattered that other travel bloggers read My Bella Vita, I’m happy to know that all of my hard work, research and writing is going to good use.
So today, I’m passing the torch … here are 15 of my favorite travel blogs, in no particular order, that you are guaranteed to love!
Killing Batteries – Possibly the funniest travel blog I read, Killing Batteries is written by professional travel writer, Leif Pettersen who has penned three guidebooks for Lonely Planet. Read more about him here. I promise. The guy is funny.
Everything Everywhere - Fabulous photos and text by Gary Arndt, who has been traveling the world-and blogging about it-since 2007. But, I’m not the only one who thinks Gary rocks. He has been nominated and/or won more than two dozen travel blog awards in the last two years. Check it out.
Cool Travel Guide – You’ve heard me talk about Lara Dunston’s Cool Travel Guide, but with over 60 countries and 40 guide books (including the newly released Travellers Calabria) to her name, it is well worth the repeat. She is also good for some inside information into less-visited areas around the globe.
Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site – Written by, you guessed it, Matt, this site features weekly photos, travel tips and videos and is a good place to procrastinate your day away … if you are so inclined.
Europe a la Carte – A collaborate blog featuring everything Europe. A fun site to visit if you want to learn about a lot of different places across Europe.
52 Perfect Days – This site features travel writing, photos and videos from states across the US while helping readers uncover the secret to, you guessed it, a perfect day.
Delicious Baby – As if name wasn’t cute enough, this award-winning blog about traveling with children has spawned two undercover investigations and been featured in Conde Nast Traveler and Frommers. Even if you aren’t a traveling parent, this site is worth a look.
1002 Things Before I Kick the Bucket – Follow the life of a 20-something dreamer as she sets out to create and tackle her personal bucket list. But I warn you, you’ll want to steal her list …
Europe UpClose – Yet another fabulous blog about traveling in Europe.
Nerd’s Eye View – Fun blog from an eclectic freelance writer and blogger-and ukulele player-who you are guaranteed to fall in love with. This self-proclaimed nerd just finished her second guide book and has been published in a variety of magazines and online outlets.
Fevered Mutterings – Freelance writer and blogger Mike Sowden is boldly going fourth and sharing it all with us.
Indie Travel Podcast – Hosted by Craig and Linda Martin, this site features audio and video podcasts and was awarded first place in Lonely Planet’s Best Podcast category in 2009.
TravelPod – Fun place to go where travelers share stories, write posts and upload videos and photos from recent journeys. This is the perfect site for an armchair traveler.
Almost Fearless – Kick-ass site written by corporate dropout-turned digital vagabond who has traveled to over a dozen countries in the last year. The site is full of articles and tips, as well as a job board for freelance writers.
In addition to these 14 blogs, I always recommend Why Go Italy to my friends and family members who are planning trips to the bel paese and of course, my Travel Tip Tuesday counterpart, My Melange.
What are some of your favorite travel blogs? Please share them in the comments
Until next time … Buon Viaggio!
** Update: I was remiss in forgetting to link to all of my favorite Italy bloggers-they are a wealth of information on the bel paese and I should have known better than to take them granted … hope they’ll forgive me! **


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pixel Travel Tip Tuesday:15 Great Travel Blogs ... and an award!


  1. Cool, I actually was able to meet some of these bloggers at TBEX in Chicago – many of which were new to me, but you have a few on your list I’ve never heard of, either :)
    That is awesome that you got to go to TBEX, Sara. I actually meant to put a link to all of my Italy blogger in this post, as well. I take for granted how wonderful you all are!


  2. thanks Cherrye, I’ve got some new ones to check out! I read about half of the ones above, as well as the excellent Sara of Ms. Adventures in Italy (who commented). One of my favorites is Uncornered Market, a nomadic couple on the road as of 3 years now.
    Oooh, I’ll have to check them out. Thanks!
    .-= MadelineJ´s last blog ..The World’s Most Famous Lie Detector =-.


  3. Gosh. <— getting all British.

    Thank you. :) (The "boldy going fourth" thing is because it's v4 of my blog, by the way).

    I'll be checking these out, although I'm already a fan of the terrific Almost Fearless and Nomadic Matt (both found via Twitter).
    I was wondering about your “fourth” thing. I figured there was a story there!
    .-= Mikeachim´s last blog ..Oh, 4 On Demand: and you were doing so *well*. =-.


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