So what do you do if you are in one of Italy’s most picturesque cities and find yourself with a hankering for two, three, or even four scoops of homemade southern Italian gelato?
You hit the beach.
Just a few blocks down the lungomare from the tiny green kiosk of the Gelateria Cesare is the ultra-modern, uber-trendy Cremeria Sottozero-today’s stop on the Tour del Gelato.

dsc05791 Tour del Gelato: Cremeria Sottozero in Reggio Calabria (Calabria)

Sottozero is a full service Italian bar that serves pastries, apertivi, coffee, granita and of course … gelato.

dsc05794 Tour del Gelato: Cremeria Sottozero in Reggio Calabria (Calabria)

The soft, fluffy pillows of gelato consumed more than four cases, each offering a new, exciting flavor to tempt our taste buds.

dsc05797 Tour del Gelato: Cremeria Sottozero in Reggio Calabria (Calabria)

Licorice? Good. But not for me …
Chili pepper? Absolutely! Oh shoot-they are all out.
Sapori di Sicilia? A mix of the best flavors of Sicily? Count me in!
After agonizing over this life-and-death-type decision, I choose sapori di sicilia and coconut. I was not disappointed.
“So what do you think?” our Reggio guide asked as she took another bite from her coppetta. “Who wins? Cesare or Sottozero?”
I looked around the group as my new friend’s young Brazilian friend joined us to hear the results.

dsc05804 Tour del Gelato: Cremeria Sottozero in Reggio Calabria (Calabria)

“Two votes here for Sottozero,” she said as she pointed to her husband and herself.
“Me, too,” one of the Americans said. “I think.”
“I can’t decide,” the other American said.
They all looked at me.
“Well,” I began, as I licked my cone just as the Sicilian pistachio blend started dripping down my hand. “I like the atmosphere at Cesare. It is small and quaint and cozy. Sottozero is too modern.”
They all nodded.
“I also like the staff at Cesare. They are friendlier and more welcoming.”
They all looked at each other. Giggle. Giggle. Laugh.
“What?” I asked, obviously missing the joke.
They pointed to my new friend’s Brazilian friend who was, by the way, not laughing and I noticed his shirt for the first time.
There in the upper left corner of his black striped vest was the word “Sottozero.”
“Uhm … uhm …,” I said, quickly trying to back peddle my way out of this situation. “I meant, uhm … the staff here is great, too … maybe he doesn’t speak English?”
“He speaks English.”
“Well,” I declared as I pulled my friends away from the bar and towards the beach. “What I was going to say is that Cesare is precious and I loved the people-but the gelato at Sottozero is richer, creamier and well … more sinfully delicious.”
So there you have it. Four votes for Sottozero and one undecided. And according to Sottozero’s logo … there is really only one choice.

dsc05801 Tour del Gelato: Cremeria Sottozero in Reggio Calabria (Calabria)

But if you are ever on or around the Reggio Calabria lungomare, I think you should do the taste-test yourself because, really, when gelato is this good … who’s to say one is sweeter or which group of people is really friendlier?

Cremeria Sottozero

Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Number 83

89100 Reggio Calabria (Lido)


* Visitors to Catanzaro no longer have to drive the two hours south to Reggio for Sottozero gelato. A new kiosk recently opened in the new Centro Commerciale Le Fontane and all of their classic tastes, including the mousse-like semifreddo flavors are available there.

 Tour del Gelato: Cremeria Sottozero in Reggio Calabria (Calabria)


County Adopts Policy to Keep Deputies on the Job

The Washington Post April 22, 1999 | Maria Glod The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors yesterday approved a policy requiring recruits who leave the Sheriff’s Department within a year of graduating from the law enforcement academy to repay part of their training costs.

The policy is aimed at keeping newly trained deputies from leaving the department for higher-paying law enforcement jobs in nearby counties. Sheriff’s officials have long complained that it is difficult to retain new officers because Loudoun’s starting salary — even with a recent increase — lags behind that of deputies in Alexandria and Arlington and Fairfax counties. As a result, county officials said, Loudoun too often pays to train employees who take their expensive skills elsewhere within a few months.

Sheriff’s officials estimate that in a deputy’s first six months on the job, more than $10,000 is spent on uniforms, equipment and tuition at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy in Ashburn. “We can’t afford to keep on paying to put deputies through training and have them go somewhere else to work,” Supervisor David G. McWatters (R-Broad Run) said of the new policy. “It’s a way of protecting the taxpayers’ money. It’s a very common-sense way to do it.” Sheriff’s officials said they have not tracked the number of deputies who leave the department within a year of graduation. In a March 23 letter to board Chairman Dale Polen Myers (R-At Large), Sheriff Stephen O. Simpson said two deputies who work in the jail recently left for other law enforcement jobs. Although the recently approved budget includes a 9.5 percent pay raise for sworn deputies, sheriff’s officials worry that this year’s newcomers will be even more likely to pursue jobs in neighboring counties because, for the first time, recruits are being certified initially in both patrol and corrections rather than one or the other. “Our guys come out of {the academy} in six months, and they are certified in both corrections and patrol,” Maj. John Patton said. “It makes them more attrac tive as candidates in other jurisdictions because they are already trained.” Patton also noted that there is no shortage of jobs in area law enforcement agencies. “We’re still trying to hire positions that were approved a year ago,” Patton said. “Everybody is having troubles trying to recruit people. We’re trying to hire for a lot of positions in the jail, and sometimes a guy or a girl comes in and says, `I can go to Fairfax and work on the streets for more money.’ ” Under the new policy, a deputy who leaves within six months of graduation will have to reimburse the county $5,000. A deputy who leaves between six and 12 months after graduation will have to pay back $2,500. Those who voluntarily leave the academy during training will be required to pay $1,250. Money collected under the policy will be added to the county’s general fund. County staff said they do not have an estimate on how much money the policy might generate. Other area departments have similar policies. “We have been doing it for years,” said Alexandria sheriff’s spokesman Capt. Dave Rocco. “We invest a lot of time, energy and money to hire as well as to train, and it takes up to six months to train. If they leave voluntarily, we feel we should recoup some of the money.” Rocco said the policy has been used on three recruits. He said he did not know whether the reimbursements were made by the recruits or the agencies that hired them. But he said the Alexandria department does not offer to reimburse new employees’ previous departments. The policy has caught the attention of some Loudoun towns. Purcellville Town Manager Robert W. Lohr Jr. said the Town Council has “talked seriously” about implementing a similar policy. “I definitely foresee the town moving in that direction,” Lohr said. “Training . . . has a very big impact on a small community.” Leesburg Police Chief Keith A. Stiles said he has delivered a copy of the county policy to town officials. “I would encourage the town of Leesburg to look at this,” Stiles said. law enforcement jobs site law enforcement jobs

Maria Glod

pixel Tour del Gelato: Cremeria Sottozero in Reggio Calabria (Calabria)


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