travel tip tuesday2 283x300 Travel Tip Tuesday: Fly Round trip from Rome to Lamezia for €50

Nope. That is not a typo.
As of March 30, Blu-Express, the low-cost arm of Rome-based airline, Blu Panorama will offer flights from Rome Fiumicino to Lamezia Terme International Airport starting at €24.99-taxes inclusive-each way.
Wow. I know!
But I was wondering … does 2+2 really equal 4 with this new low-cost darling?
Anyone who has ever priced tickets on low cost sites such as RyanAir or Easy Jet know that when they claim to offer a flight for £14.99, they are inevitably going to add on fees for checking luggage, for checking it at the airport, for breathing on the plane … (Just seeing if you were paying attention!)
So I put them to the test.
On, I simulated a purchase for a round-trip ticket from Lamezia to London. I was quoted a price of €24.99 to London and €14.99 from London so my final tab should be €39.98 … right?

3144108415 794dce6f26 Travel Tip Tuesday: Fly Round trip from Rome to Lamezia for €50
photo credit: monstermunch99

It was €98.95 and that was without checking a bag, speaking to a person at the airport or using the toilet.
Over at Blu-Express I priced a round-trip ticket from Lamezia to Rome and was quoted €24.99 each way, so €49.98 total. Right?
… pretty darn close.

blu express plane 300x202 Travel Tip Tuesday: Fly Round trip from Rome to Lamezia for €50

According to the fine print, the credit card processing fee is a maximum fee of €6.00 each way per passenger, so add your €49.98 base rate and your grand total is €61.98-and you get to take bags! We had some guests at our B&B last week who booked flights for April and claimed to pay €55.00 total for the full trip.
Now that is a price I can live with, especially if you consider that a round-trip train ticket from Lamezia to Rome is at leasat €40 each way. I’m not sure how long these special prices will last as the €50 round-trip deal is a “Grand Launch” sale, but last time I checked there were still 1500 seats available at these prices.
So now there is no excuse for not visiting Bella Calabria. Come on over … I know a great place you can stay.
Blu-Express also has flights from Rome to Nice, Torino, Sicily and Thailand and I am *all* about cheap flights and fun destinations.
Have you ever flown with Blu-Express? If so, what was your experience? How does it compare to RyanAir or Easy Jet?
Don’t forget to visit Robin today and see what travel tips she has for you this Tuesday.
Until next time … Buon Viaggio!

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pixel Travel Tip Tuesday: Fly Round trip from Rome to Lamezia for €50


  1. Good to know as sometimes a flight from Rome to Lamezia would cost almost as much as the flight from Boston to Rome with a major airline!
    I know. Now people from the states have the option of flying to Rome instead of to Lamezia, then adding on this flight, as well.


  2. .”I’m not sure how long these special prices will last as the €50 round-trip deal is a “Grand Launch” sale”
    …….I wish we could just drop everything and
    take advantage of these great deals when they
    are available :-(
    Have a great trip to Roma….how long will you stay?
    I know, I wish we could, too. I’d LOVE to go to Thailand, as well. We are only gonna be in Rome for 4 days … never enough time, I know.


  3. Wow that is crazy.
    I was looking at flying RyanAir from London to Barcelona and realized everything was extra including the bathroom I decided to go for the more expensive British Airways at least I can use the loo for free :)
    Great tips!!
    All of those extras can defnitely add up. I also read that they are about to go up to €20 per person to check in at the gate instead of €10 and those luggage restrictions are tough!!
     Louise’s last blog post..


  4. Ugh. Some of us who will be visiting Calabria in April booked our travel in July, when gas happened to be at its peak. So some of us paid about 250 US for RT btw Rome and Lamezia. Ugh!
    Ugh is right. I hate to hear that.


  5. I just purchased my ticket to Lamezia with Blu-Express. The total cost was $57.98 Euros. That’s about $77.47 USD. Not bad. I paid $8.00 Euro for the credit card transaction. It says $4, but perhaps because I am using a US credit card service, they jacked up the price.

    Voila! I have my ticket!
    Woo hoo!
    Jennifer Rafferty’s last blog post..Adventures in Sicily


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