Travel Tip Tuesday: The Best Travel is FREE Travel


And now through September 1, 2008 TravelZoo is giving away TONS of FREE travel. That’s right! Thirteen weekly winners can select a free trip from the weekly Top 20 list and one grand prize winner will win the whole dang thing!

Can you imagine relaxing on a Italian-stud driven gondola along the Venetian canals, shopping in trendy Parisian boutique shops or getting wild and crazy, yet always maintaining a responsible and not-quite-yet-too-drunken demeanor for Germany’s Oktoberfest? Ahhh … good times. And they can be yours for free! Has TravelZoo gone mad?

Well, before they change their minds, folks click here and enter. I did. I’ve entered a few times … and I plan to enter a few more. You never know, my yet-to-win-a-contest luck just may turn around.

And if you win, well … I hope you’ll send me a picture of yourself in front of Sidney’s Opera House or wherever the list may take you.

Until next time … Buon Viaggio!

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  1. I’ll have to head over there now.

    I can’t tell you how many contests for travel I enter C. Never a winner. Neinte. Nada.

    Maybe my luck will change this time 😉
    I hear ya, Robin. I NEVER win, either. Better luck to us both this go around!

  2. Wow that is just too good to believe. I’m heading over there to enter. Thanks for the tip.

    Great, Nadine! Good luck to you.

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