And, they say Americans

don’t have dialects!


Think you know if you are an original Southern Belle or a tried and true Yankee? Well, so did I! (And, as it turns out – I was right…)

Take this quick quiz to see where you fall on the spectrum.

Score more than 84% Dixie?? Well, ain’t that the berries! We just two peas in a pod!

Not so much Dixie? Well don’t git yer feathers ruffled! Ever dog should hava few fleas!

Be sur’in lemme know, a’ight?

Go hog wild, ya’ll!

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  1. I’m 53 percent Dixie which is surprising since I’m originally from New jersey and lived a long time in CA, Italy and New Mexico.

  2. I’m 78% Dixie. Surprising – I would’ve thought it’d be higher. hehe Maybe its being in Dallas or what my husband always complains about me – i don’t use alot of slang. (he was sorely disappointed about

  3. Hey Cherrye – this is completely off topic but I was just wondering how the B&B is going.

    Here in Rome, my boyfriend is busy busy with his 2 B&Bs. Of course we’re paying Rome rents too. 🙁

    Anyway if any of our guests are going to Calabria I’ll point them to you!


  4. Wow JDoe – impressive!

    Stacy – I am pretty sure it is cause you dont listen to Country Music! That musta gotcha!

    Katie – I’ll email you and/or respond on your blog! I was just thinking to talk to you about that!

  5. I’m a Yankee – what can I say – you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but can’t Brooklyn out of the girl. That was fun.

  6. Interesting quiz. I computed at 46% Yankee (barely Yankee). Seven of my responses were related to the Great Lakes area. I might add that once I read that proper American English is spoken (according to linguistic experts)in the urban areas of the Great Lakes and California…so no, I don’t have an accent.

  7. “50% (Yankee). Barely into the Yankee category.”

    Right smack in the middle for me!

    “Question #18. What’s the night before Halloween called?
    1. I don’t use any word for this
    2. Devil’s night
    3. Mischief night
    4. Cabbage night
    RESULT: Centered heavily on New York City and New Jersey.”

    I thought that mischief night was the only way to say it?! Then I saw the result. Figures… lol

  8. I deleted my last comment because apparently I don’t know how to spell anymore and I made a really stupid mistake!

    Anyway, I’m only 43% Yankee! Quite a few of my answers were southern and I never lived there. Must be the influence of my Texan relatives. Fun quiz!

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