Ten Reasons to Hire a Travel Consultant

Not sure if a southern Italy travel consultant is right for you?

Here are 10 reasons you should reconsider.

10. Inside Information:
When you hire a consultant who lives in the area, they know when shops open, when restaurants close and when museums are being renovated.

9. Save Research Time:
It is estimated each person spends eight planning hours per day of their vacation … and that is when the information is easy to find and in a language they can read.

8. Understand Language and Customs:
Many Calabrians and southern Italians don’t speak English. It helps to have a travel consultant who can express your needs to local businesses.

7. Expert Advice:
Don’t worry about where you should visit, how long you should stay or how to get from Point A to Point B. An expert travel consultant will advise you.

6. Save Vacation Time:
Don’t waste valuable vacation time tracking down restaurants or researching last-minute day trip ideas. This will all be discussed with you in advance.

5. Save Money:
A good travel consultant is not only worth her proverbial weight for the added value she brings to your vacation, but she can also save you money by directing you to a less expensive region/city, a more affordable hotel or a better value restaurant.

4. Ideal Scheduling:
The best travel consultants will listen to you and help you plan a vacation based on your travel patterns, speed and budget.

3. Maximize Vacation:
A travel consultant who is a regional expert can ensure you make the most of your vacation by suggesting little-known destinations or excursions without over-planning or causing you vacation stress.

2. Friendly Service:
It is like having a good friend or trusted colleague recommend their favorite places.

1. Professional Follow-Through:
When you book a custom itinerary with My Bella Vita Travel, you will have 24/7 access to us throughout your vacation.

Cherrye Moore, southern Italy travel consultant

Speaking of access and guarantees, here are five reasons to choose me, Cherrye Moore, owner and founder of My Bella Vita Travel as your southern Italy travel consultant.

1. I’ve lived in Calabria since 2006 and my trusted travel partner, my Calabrese husband, has lived here since … well, that is up to him to tell.

2. I’m well-traveled in southern Italy. So much so, that I write the Lamezia Destination Guide for easyJet Traveller (inflight magazine) and have worked on and updated the southern Italy sections for both DK and Michelin guide books.

3. I was trained in America by the biggest names in customer service and appreciate how important this vacation is to you and your family.

4. I speak Italian and understand the local culture and can help you unravel the mysteries of the regions you will visit.

5. I eat, breath and sleep travel. Not only can I consult you on your trip, but I am a travel writer and a bed and breakfast owner. In fact, you can actually save money on your travel consult when you book three nights or more at our bed and breakfast.

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